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Today's awesome video: Words

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

Made by Everynone (in Collaboration with WNYC's Radiolab & NPR)

Directed by Daniel Mercadante & Will Hoffman

Supervising Producer: Robert Krulwich
Original Score: Keith Kenniff (

This Friday, I'm On BBC Newsnight Review With Guests Talking About Things

This is so exciting! Tomorrow I join a panel of some pretty cool people talking about some pretty cool things on the BBC programme (see how I spelled it all British-like?), Newsnight Review Panelists
  • Me
  • Ron Silver (actor/director and has his own political radio talkshow)
  • Kathleen Parker (syndicated columnist) - yes THAT Kathleen Parker
  • Joe Queenan (film critic/author).
  • What's happened to American culture under the Bush presidency. How did TV, film, literature and music respond to Sept 11th?  Or the Iraq War?  Is there more political diversity in the arts now?  Would Obama or McCain be better for the cultural life of the country or does it not really make a difference?
Then review items If you have thoughts on any of these things that I can appropriate as my own, jump in!

Video Portrait Of Obama

Marc Scheff is a friend of mine from college who's doing his thing as an artist. He recently wrote and posted this on his website
For the first time in my 31 years, I care about politics. I see a candidate who has the capacity to inspire and motivate people, like I have never seen. There are many like me, who had given up and resigned themselves to a government that is willfully out of touch. I’ve seen these people get up and move because they believe we can do this together, now. Obama is great, but what people are willing to do in his name is nothing short of incredible. That is something in which I do believe. I created this portrait, and video. Please spread the link, share the youtube, and get out the vote for November.