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Stop everything. There's a Tin Tin movie coming out!

I read pretty much all of the Tin Tin comic books as a kid along with the Asterix stories. I preferred Asterix. I remember getting so deep into one reading session that when I looked up from the page, I asked, "Who turned off the television?" The art and story were that compelling. I'd actually prefer to see a movie about Asterix. The idea of a micro-sized human being drinking some magical steroid punch and beating the crap out of everyone around him just appeals to me. 

Update: thank you Matthew Reid from Twitter who pointed me to a European Journal of Neurosurgery study finding that 


Asterix books contain 704 victims of brain injury. Most were male, many Roman and more than half were attacked by Asterix and Obelix themselves ... medical academics get their heads around violence in the Asterix comics
That's my little Gaul!