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Baratunde Gets Healthcare, Job at Onion

My People, This announcement marks the absolute height of my comedy career and one of the true milestones in my life. On November 12, I will join the staff of America's Finest News Source a/k/a The Onion. I'll be working full time as Web Editor, a new position combining all of my favorite things.
  • I'm responsible for web strategy which might include, partnerships, new ways of integrating all the pieces of the Onion online (newspaper, radio, video news network, books), etc.
  • I'll help determine political coverage online.
  • I will initiate special pieces for the web.
  • I'll be part of the editorial team, helping write headlines and otherwise being funny
Eleven years ago, I started an email newsletter known as NewsPhlash: All the news that's fit to twist. I pushed fake news as a way of communicating the real news before I even knew The Onion existed. Now I'm getting paid to do it in the defining medium of our time with creative people I respect and admire. This is a dream come true. Thank all of you for all the support over all these years. I will continue to rely on you in this new adventure and beyond. And now for the obligatory, FAQ. WHERE WILL YOU BE WORKING? At the Onion's offices in SoHo, NYC WAIT, IS THIS WHY YOU MOVED TO NEW YORK? No. I had no idea about this job when I moved to NYC. Sometime this past July in Boston, I had a dream that I met my spirit animal. It was a rat. It was a clear sign that I should move to the Big Apple WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE ONE MAN MEDIA EMPIRE YOU'VE BEEN BUILDING AS A COMEDIAN, AUTHOR AND VIGILANTE PUNDIT? I plan to continue using my own voice to maintain the Baratunde enterprise. This means I'll keep doing standup and blogging for Jack & Jill Politics, my own site and occasionally Huffington Post, plus writing for The Weekly Dig. I also plan to continue contributing actively to The Black Comedy Project. In the interest of me and the Onion, my own comedy will actually stay very independent of whatever the Onion does. WHERE AND WHEN CAN WE BUY YOU A DRINK? In the next two days, I'm going to the New York and Boston CD release parties for singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley. I accept congratulations in the form of caipirinhas, white wine and Lindeman's Framboise belgian beer. Handshakes and hugs will be accepted from those without the financial resources to supply spirits. Thursday November 1, 2007 @ 8PM Living Room 154 Ludlow St 212-533-7235 w/ Harriet Street and Dwight & Nicole $5 // 21+ Friday November 2, 2007 @ 10PM Johnny D's 17 Holland St (Davis Sq) 617-776-2004 w/ Bronze Radio Return & Emilia Dahlin $10 // 21+ WHO SHOT TUPAC? Dick Cheney WHEN WILL YOU FINISH THIS ANNOUNCEMENT? Now Baratunde Thurston comedian, author, vigilante pundit Web Editor Elect, The Onion

[NP] From the BBC to Burlington to the Black Comedy Project

Hey fam, Mad announcements and whatnot. SHOWS tonight, Wednesday October 24 - LAUGHING LIBERALLY LAB The Tank, 179 Church St b/w Franklin & White 8pm. only $5 I have TWO FREE COMPS (reply if you want them) tomorrow, Thursday October 25 - DON'T TOUCH THE FOOT I host this show almost every Thursday The Sage Theatre, 711 7th Ave b/w 47th & 48th 10pm, $10 and no drink min show happens NEXT THURSDAY as well saturday October 27 with singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley Radio Bean in BURLINGTON VERMONT 8 N Winooski Ave 802-660-9346 9pm FREE ANNOUNCEMENTS - I have joined forces with some incredible comedians as we attempt to redefine or expand the definition of Black comedy beyond Comic View-ish acts. It's a real privilege to be joining up with folks like Elon James White, Baron Vaughn, Hannibal (yes, HANNIBAL) and others. We're all different shades of black, and we're excited about the project, which is an attempt to push an ongoing discussion of what black comedy is and highlight where you can find it. Check us out - i made it to the semi-finals of the Boston Comedy Festival, my best showing ever. it was fun - This past Monday I was interviewed on the BBC World Service, broadcast around the globe. Check it out - This Fri/Sat I'll be in Boston for part of Podcamp Boston. Holla if you're gonna be there WRITINGS - Escape from the T, my Weekly Dig Column this week - Tis the Season to Claim Black Inferiority ENDS