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My beef with Facebook: so much untapped possibility

I started using Facebook years ago, back when I was a regular person. I was in early. Everyone was launching a college-friends-based social network. Friendster was becoming unusably slow. Others like entered to fill a void as well. I got a desperate plea from a schoolmate. Something like "Hey please try out this Facebook thing my friend made." Back then it was just for Harvard cats, and it was I remembered the paper facebook we got every year for our dorms and this unauthorized electronic version was obviously a good idea. Years later, Facebook is a whole nother beast. Now I'm not just a person but a growing presence (I hope!) through my comedy, writing and political activities. I have almost 900 Facebook friends attached to my profile. All the web traffic I used to get from MySpace has moved over. My personal use of Facebook has become professional. They wanted this. They wanted to beat MySpace, and from my perspective, they have in many ways. Most notably, their site does not crash my computer. That is high on my list of must-haves from a social network or a website or a friend. But, like all things worth using, there are some big problems. Here they are, my beefs with Facebook. (note, several others have blogged about Facebook-ness including Robert Scoble, Anne Zelenka, and too many others to count). Regular People vs. Public Figures - The Problem For students, Facebook is still great. For most other regular people, it probably gets the job done, but for those of us using Facebook to create or augment our presence, Facebook is lacking. If you are a singer, writer, comedian, politician or other such public figure, you are forced to navigate some choppy waters. That's because Facebook defaults to a "personal" use. Where MySpace still wins is in designating an account type. MySpace has "comedian" and "musician" accounts which provide tools and an interface specific to those types of people. MySpace does not treat everyone like a college student. Facebook needs to take a lesson here and consider special account types for more public people. What I'd like to see
  • Fix the distinction between what's available to profiles and groups. I've created a group on Facebook for fans. I post select photos and videos, news updates and gigs there, but I cannot install apps to my group.
  • I'd love to put a SplashCast player in my group or a channel of my podcasts.
  • My profile has the wall, but so does my fan group along with a bulletin board. So messages are spread all over my Facebook experience
Contact-- I'm Sorry, FRIEND Management - The Problem Facebook has the right idea in letting you categorize "how you know" your friends, but it does a poor job of making this flexible and usable. Vanessa Fox talks about this in some ways. For example, instead of relegating everything to the "Other" category, I'd like to set a category of friends as "SXSW" for people I met at South by Southwest. Now, I have to select "Other" and type it in each time. More importantly, Facebook needs to unlock this metadata I'm putting in and let me make use of it. My rule: I have done you the favor of categorizing my friends with valuable metadata. You use this info to target ads. Please do me the courtesy of allowing me to act on that same information What I'd like to see
  • allow me to create custom groups and give me the choice of these groups when I add a friend. For me, I'd choose groups based on conferences/events and real world friends vs fans. Example groups: high school friends, track team, SXSW black bloggers, comedians, BookExpo crew, Iowa State gig, people denied habeas corpus by the Bush administration, etc.
  • allow me to use the information about my friends. Most important is for me to message them all at once whether based on their user info (like geography) or my user tagging mentioned above. For example, I'd like to send a note to all SXSW friends in advance of the festival next year to see who is returning.
  • Highly relevant to me, I'd like to send out performance announcements to people in a particular city. Right now, there is no group messaging capability short of creating a Facebook group for every subsegment. When I announce a show using my fan group (the only way to send bulk messages) I have to send it to everyone. A show in New York reaches people in Hong Kong. It's a waste. You know what I do today? I open two Facebook windows: one to write the message and another where I search for friends in the city of interest. Then I manually type in addresses up to the 20-recipient limit, and I do this until I'm finished. This is so weak. This may have something to do with preventing SPAM, but I would pay for a workaround.
  • I would also like to do interesting mashups and cross-tabs on my contacts. I'm a data analysis junkie. It's what years of consulting has done to me. What apps are popular among my SXSW friends? What books are my high school friends reading? You have the data, Facebook. Let me at it!
Messaging - The Problem MySpace set a new low bar for messaging, undoing basic features inherent in email with their supposedly more advanced social networking tools. I challenge anyone reading this to send a message to a MySpace friend who is not in your Top Friends and who is not in your message inbox or sent mail. You cannot do it, and do you know why? Because MySpace user search has been broken for years. While MySpace cut fancy shmancy content deals with TV networks, they overlooked one of the major requirements of a social networking tool: social networking, that is communication. I have searched for MySpace friends who are in my Top 8, and MySpace says they are not found. The only reliable way to find people on MySpace is to know their email address. If I had that, trust me, I would not be sending them a message through MySpace. MySpace has been a necessary evil which, thankfully, is becoming less necessary. Ok, so that's a big MySpace rant, but it's relevant to Facebook. Facebook has solved a lot of the super dumb MySpace failings. I can start a message to a friend, and Facebook auto-completes. I can search for friends by name and, get this, actually find them. What I'd like to see
  • save messages into folders
  • search my messages
  • send messages groups of people, defined by "how do I know this person" or geography or whatever
  • flag messages for followup
  • block receipt of messages by certain people
  • basically, facebook needs a gmail-like email client built in, not this cheap "messaging" crap. That's great for Red Bull-infused college kids with no real responsibilities, but in the real world, I need to keep track of my messages and actually follow up with people
Applications - The Problem The Facebook apps explosion has been talked about in many places. The apps have definitely made Facebook a more interesting place, but app notification is becoming spam-like. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the notification "8 of your friends have added the Deez Nutz application" only to be followed 24 hours later by "200 of your friends have removed the Deez Nutz application." A day later, I get another notice, "John Smith would like you to Suck on Deez Nutz. Click here to install the Deez Nutz application." What I'd like to see
  • a an apps dashboard which ranks apps by the total number of users and the total number of my friends using it
  • a way to view apps by type. There are several apps that do exactly the same thing. Bundle them so I can compare more easily
  • app ratings should be built right into the platform
  • I want to screen app notifications based on ratings and the app type. I could tell Facebook not to notify me of any game apps with a rating less than 3 of 4 stars. This would cut back on a lot of the crap out there. MS Windows is a platform that I use on a regular basis, but I don't get notified every time a developer launches a new windows application or every time my friends install a new version of Word.
  • There should be a category for "Stupid" apps as well so I can block those. If I get another Zombie "bite" I'm going to have to dig up a dead person, inject them with the Rage virus, and set them loose on the developers of Facebook.
Networks - The Problem In this era of mobile workers, unreasonably cheap airfare and globalization, Facebook is stuck with the quaint notion that people want to identify with one geographic network. How 1991 of them. I spend significant amounts of time in several cities, especially New York and Boston. Don't make me choose. What I'd like to see
  • allow me to join multiple geographic networks.
  • consider a "primary" network with multiple secondary networks
Stats - The Problem There are none. Again, when you assume that your users are regular people, citizens, it's safe to say they probably care a little bit less how many times their video was played, but I'm in the content distribution business. I want to know if YouTube or Facebook are more effective at spreading video love. What I'd like to see
  • total photo views, video play counts and profile views
  • especially for video, a way to see where the viewers came from: my profile page, a pass-along, a friend's profile page
  • just give me something like "Facebook Analytics" and call it a day
Conclusion This is a much longer post than I ever wanted. I write because I care. These social networks are an attempt to mechanize and digitize what we do on a day to day basis, interact with other people. For someone in my position, using these tools is also an extension of how I produce and share my work. For something like Facebook to be effective, it needs not only to open up to third party developers (as it has), but open up to its users as well. Ultimately, I'm asking them to unlock the capabilities they already offer to advertisers and developers. Share those with users like me, and I'll push it through to my 900 friends and make Facebook even more important in my life. I should also make clear, that I don't expect all of this for free. I'm a fan of paying for quality services, and if Facebook offered a "Facebook Pro" version, which did a lot of what I'm asking, I'd be the first to sign up. I would love to hear how you'd like to see Facebook improved or if you've found found ways to solve the problems I identified above. I have a habit of running into the right people and asking them good questions, and I might just bump into someone who can get some of this done. Update (15 August 2007). Here's a perfect example of Facebook's misplaced priorities with respect to applications. I installed an application developed by called "My Questions." It's a decent idea, allowing you to post questions to your friends and solicit responses. The problem is that when you add the application, it sends ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS one of its default questions. In my case, it asked 900 of my friends "Would you rather party in Las Vegas or South Beach (Miami)?" Like I give a flying abstinence education seminar! This is just what I was talking about above. Facebook has given this developer the ability to message ALL of my friends, yet I cannot. I am using the My Questions app one last time to tell my friends to remove it and not support such crappyness I just wrote the following to Jeremiah Robison, listed as the developer of the My Questions app. Feel free to reuse it.
Jeremiah, I have over 900 facebook friends, and I'm telling them to avoid your application and all apps due to the massively irresponsible way in which you built the program. My Questions spammed my friends with a question about "Las Vegas vs. South Beach." I was not asked if I wanted to send this question. I only knew because I started getting responses back. If you do provide an opt-out, it is horribly unclear. In addition, your program emails me on my personal email account anytime someone asks or answers a question. I can find no way to change this setting. I am severely disappointed in your implementation of this app and will do all in my power to prevent my friends from using it. I am looking for three things from your company. 1) an apology for the irresponsible manner in which you built the app and the valuable time you have wasted in people's lives 2) a revision of your app to prevent such massive spamming, and yes, it is spamming since I did not authorize it in a clear way 3) better controls on how the application notifies users, specifically a CLEAR way to opt out of emails.

[NP] Barry, Oscar, Apple and Media that Matters

Howdy doody newsphlasherati, I am writing this from the Bryant Park Hotel in New York, and it's a beautiful day. Last night I MC'd an event at HBO Headquarters. I'm off to BookExpo in a few minutes, and tomorrow night I jet back to Boston (ok, TRAIN back) to do perhaps my biggest gig of the summer. Couple of very cool updates for yall. 1. BARRY CRIMMINS' FAREWELL TO STANDUP SHOW IN BOSTON I have a pretty big show tomorrow (sat) night in Boston. A role model and mentor, political satirist Barry Crimmins, is walking away from standup and doing his farewell show at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theatre in Davis Sq, Somerville MA You should come out to see Barry's one-man show and stay for me and other comics he's selected to "carry the torch." EVENT DETAILS or on facebook 2. OSCAR BROWN JR. SHOW IN NYC TONIGHT Last year at the South by Southwest film festival, I saw a great documentary by Donnie Betts about Oscar Brown Jr., a playwright, musician, poet, activist. Tonight I'm hoping to catch another tribute to Oscar Brown Jr. in NYC put on by Linda Kosut EVENT DETAILS "Long As You're Living" the music, life & legacy of Oscar Brown Jr. Fri, June 1 at 7pm Fri, June 8 at 9pm The Triad Theater 158 W 72 St. NYC more @ 3. NEW VIDEO POSTED!!! Any of you remember my run in with Apple superfans who swarmed my blog with negative comments after I dared to criticize the company? I've just released a video documenting that experience in the latest goodCRIMETHINKcast It's about 10 minutes, and I think it's damn funny. Check it and share with friends 4. BIG SHOUT TO MEDIA THAT MATTERS FILM FESTIVAL Finally, I want to give a superbig shoutout to Arts Engine, a non-profit that uses film to educate and empower people, ultimately helping them change the world. Last night I hosted their Media that Matters Film Festival Awards, and it was an incredibly inspiring experience. You need to see these films, and you can, right now, for free online. Do it. The event had some big timers like documentarian Al Masles and NPR's Ira Glass. There was young filmmaker Kiri Davis whose "A Girl Like Me" video got her on Oprah this week (google the movie). I'm just excited that my career is putting me in a position to work with like minded and talented folks. Plus, two people in the audience came up to me after the show and said "You remind me a lot of Chris Rock, but funnier." No lie. Oh, if you're on facebook, check my profile there. I'm diggin the new facebook way more than myspace, so if you're a social networking whore, get at me there. You can see and hear all podcasts, read all blog posts, see my twitters and more MY FBOOK PROFILE That's it for now. No MoJos, but check that Apple smugness video for reelz. peace Baratunde Thurston

YearlyKos day 1: pundit training

Ok, this YearlyKos conference is the hotness!!! I'll be posting as often as I can, but many of you remember I'm still behind on my BookExpo coverage.

Pundit Training

I started the day at crazy 8am by attending "pundit training" run by the Center for American Progress. I figured it was good for me, the vigilante pundit, to see how the official people do it. The session was all really practical covering

  • How to prepare for media interviews on TV and radio
  • What to wear, dealing with people cutting you off, etc
  • Workshop examples involving people in the room being subjected to interviews, video taped and critiqued.

Some highlights

  • One of the workshop moderators was asked, "What do we do if the host keeps talking over us?" The answer: "Well, the American people are smart, and they see through the bullshit." So I then asked a followup: "Um, yeah. I was just wondering what planet you were living on where the American people are smart and see through bullshit?"
  • One of the key pieces of advice was how to dress for TV interviews. The general advice was 1) always where a jacket/blazer because it fills out your figure and gives you a place to clip the mic, and 2) don't dress like Ann Coulter (basically topless and trashy). An observant workshop attendee asked, "Well where does Ann Coulter clip her mic?" Another person answered: "Her Adam's Apple." Oops. Pow. Surprise.

Relentless Aaron and me on Google Video

So last year, you guys may remember that I interviewed Relentless Aaron (Front Porch Podcast, episode 6, a super prolific street lit author from New York. Since then, he's been featured in the NY Times. I'd like to think I broke the story a little bit. Well he or someone on his crew remixed the interview with a video slideshow and some info about me. It's pretty interesting. BTW, I ran into Relentless at this year's BookExpo but didn't have time to interview him. The man was, predictably, busy busy busy!

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BEA 2006: Web 2.0 session

photo by gabes via Flickr
I'll be blogging about BookExpo America (BEA) throughout my visit to DC, but won't have any updates during the day because of the WHORISHLY EXPENSIVE WI-FI this panel: Premium Publishing in a Web 2.0 World: Finding Paths to Profitability via Merging Media Channels presented by Shore Communications, I think. verdict: booooring, mostly main points:
  • discussion of various web 2.0 technologies like wikis, blogs, RSS, mashups, been there and done that
  • customers are willing to spend more for edge or niche content than mainstream stuff
  • evolution of the publishing industry
How to make money
  • concentrate on contextualization, not content
  • develop talent and help it grow. use web as a "farm" system
What is a web 2.0 book
  • original works of authorship that gain value over time
  • packages as specific users demand it
  • sourced from one or more multiple contributors and media
  • easily transferred from one personal device to another
  • easily upgraded and archived
I can't even remember the rest. I used this session to plan the rest of my day

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BookExpo (BEA) 2006: whorishly expensive wi-fi!

whorishly expensive wi-fi
photo by baratunde, via Flickr (click for more)
Rule: Wi-Fi access at conferences should never, ever, cost more than the conference itself! Ever. I'm in Washington, D.C. (my hometown) for my annual pilgrimage to the great meetup and mashup of the publishing industry: BookExpo America. Here booksellers, publishers, authors and wannabes of all those categories descend on a city's convention center to find out what's coming out in the Fall, issues challenging the industry (Google, Internet. Plagiarism anyone??) and just kick it. This is my fourth year, and I was looking forward to posting updates throughout the day, but there is something rotten in the state of Wi-Fi. The entire, new, DC convention center is wired (or unwired, whatever) with the most WHORISHLY EXPENSIVE WI-FI ever. Yes, WHORISHLY EXPENSIVE. courtesy of Instant Internet (brought to you by Smart City): $25 per day for 64Kbps connection speeds?? $50 per day for 128Kbps connection speeds?? Dude, my friggin cell phone is faster than that? How can they even call that Wi-Fi? It's neither Wi, nor particularly Fi! As for "Smart City," here's what their website says:
Smart City is a full-service communications provider across the nation and one of the world's largest communications providers to convention centers and hospitality venues. Smart City provides technologies that make our cities smarter places to work, live, and play.
and their motto is:
Making the world smarter. One city at a time.
How about this instead?
Making the world dumber. One overpriced kilobit at a time.
For a four-day conference, that's $200, and it only cost $150 to be here. The point of a conference is to connect people, to hype the rep of the conference itself, and to make the experience as exciting and productive as possible for the attendees. ALL conferences should include wi-fi in the registration, for MAYBE $5 per day. They should assume bloggers and reporters and vigilante pundits want to file their stories and thoughts and ideas. They should expect that I'll want to check out the website of the publishers and other industry folk I meet. In fact, the DC Convention Center should never contract with a company like "Instant Internet." What kind of name is that anyway? How is 128Kbps instant?? Convention Centers should include Wi-Fi for all conferences of a certain size just as a cost of doing business. The point for you readers is that you'll have to deal with these batch uploads of posts, where I submit like three to five THOUSAND entries at night when I have a more powerful and more affordable signal available. In a few weeks, I won't miss their stinking whore-y wi-fi because I'll have EV-DO from Sprint on my Treo 700p paired with my Blacbook. In the meantime, I'd like to thank Tryst in Adams Morgan for providing the FREE WI-FI which makes this post possible hours upon hours after I wrote it. Oh, and just a minute ago I met two other BEA attendees. Denise, from a Latino literacy group and Tony Diaz from Nuestra Palabra which hosts the largest book events in Houston, and they're all about Latino literature. peace people. I'll see if I can bang out a few more entries tonight, but no promises!

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[NP] nyc, i was on public radio, and more

Yo there NewsPhlashinistas. Here's the deal. RETURN TO NYC this Wednesday May 10 with some new jokes Laughing Liberally Lab 45th Street Theatre (b/w 8th & 9th) $10. reserve if you want at 212-967-7079 x210 Featuring: Bob Smith Dean Obeidallah (Air America Radio) Benari Poulten and ME! RECENT EXCITEMENT I was recently on Christopher Lydon's public radio show / podcast "Open Source" talking about modern racism in America. You can listen to the show online or download the mp3. I'd love to hear your comments on the subject too! The Boston Herald put my pic on the front page. I haven't scanned it in yet, but I'ma bum this image off fellow comic Elisha Yaffe cuz I'm straight up blog gangsta. Magazine has a featured interview with me that is pretty cool even though my name is misspelled in various ways :) my Front Porch Podcast was reviewed positively on BLOG POSTS OF INTEREST AT GOODCRIMETHINK I've been blogging it up a LOT lately. So many of these emails bounce it's ridiculous, so check these out and visit the blog often if you miss your Baratunde - Why is Colin Powell still talking #$@!??? - I called McCain on his B.S. SIX YEARS AGO! - If you could send a message to the driver behind you, what would you say? - Ann Coulter is such an illiterate skank - Me. Public Radio. Monday Apr 24. Racism In America. UPCOMING EXCITEMENT I'm playing Vegas June 8 - 11 with a few other acts from Laughing Liberally. We'll be hitting up the Young Dems national convention and the YearlyKos convention. I'm performing at my DC high school on May 22nd. If anyone wants to meetup while I'm in town for BookExpo, holla! How can you get involved? - Buy some of my cool "Viva La Evolution" t-shirts - Campaign to bring me to your city - Read the blog and post comments - If you're on MySpace, be my stupid MySpace friend that's it people! cya in NYC. ALL OF YOU!

[NP] Welcome to 2006. Some MAJOR Announcements

Hola NewsPhlasherinos y NewsPhlasherinas, I am happy to welcome the year 2006 to my life, and am glad you all will be a part of it. This is a pretty big NewsPhlash, but I think you'll want to take it all in. So turn your computer screens away from your boss, act busy and check out some major announcements and thangs I need to say. First of all, can I just say that despite a major sadness, 2005 offered some awesome gifts to me? In case you forgot, here are some highlights:
  • performing in London (and losing my passport there)
  • clubbin in Barcelona
  • putting together my triple-media coverage of BookExpo
  • performing weekly with Peter Dutton at Jimmy Tingle's Theatre
  • joining the Sweet Mother Tour book project
  • being featured in the Boston Globe
  • joining the wonderful crew of Laughing Liberally
  • auditioning for NBC, ABC, CBS casting and the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen
  • starting my podcast
  • launching a new website
  • seeing one of my best friends get married
  • selling out club Passim with singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley
  • making Maxine Waters laugh as I hosted Harvard's Celebration of Black Women
  • getting involved as a co-host of Drinking Liberally
  • fulfilling a life-long dream of my mother to drive across the country together
Of course, as you all know, the major crappiness of 2005 was the loss of my mother pretty suddenly to colon cancer. I made the return cross-country trip alone in November with a minivan full of her belongings. Grief on this level is a very new experience for me, and I appreciate the cards, flowers, emails and government-subsidized wiretapping you all have shared. Really, thank you. So what's up in 2006? Well, I'm glad you asked, loyal subject.
  • obviously, more shows, including Chicago this summer and more Laughing Liberally
  • waaay more podcasts
  • a new blog design
  • finally i join myspace
  • more videos online
  • a new way to read "Better Than Crying"
  • A NEW SERIES OF BOOKS (that's right. SERIES). check it all below.
BTW, you might want to check your work email right about now. Open a spreadsheet, put some paper in the printer. You know, look productive and stuff. ANNOUNCEMENTS I hate MySpace. It's the ugliest website I've seen since Geocities (thankfully) went out of business, yet for some reason, it's the hot place to be if you're an Earthling between ages 14 and 45. Since I fit that description, I'm very unhappy to announce that I have a MySpace page. If you're one of those MySpace junkies, go ahead and make me your friend, but I swear, if you email me through MySpace, I will purposefully wait a month before getting back to you. You think I bought and had such a beautiful site designed just to correspond with you on some ghetto-ass online shopping mall? Think again. Ooooh, you say, MySpace allows me to post photos. Big deal. I have photos at Ooooh, you say, MySpace allows me to blog. I got one of those too. Oooh, MySpace allows you to have annoying music files play automatically when people go to your profile thus embarassing them at work. Well guess what, I could do that on too if I wanted, but I respect you all too much. So yes, I have a MySpace page, but don't expect me to like it, and don't complain two years from now when the system is broken, or you lose all your messages. Anybody remember Friendster? Anyway, check out the damn page

When I resurrected my blog, goodCRIMETHINK, on July 26, 2004 I wanted to have a place to throw out my ideas. I slapped up the site during the Democratic National Convention and never looked back... until now. I have completely overhauled the design of the site, which should make it an enjoyable place to spend more of your time. Here are some of the new features

  • Slick new design with cool colors and layout
  • Easier to subscribe. Have my blog show up easily on your MyYahoo, MyAOL or Google pages
  • Learn about the projects I'm up to including a new non-fiction book about global black youth
  • Find out what I'm reading, watching on TV and browsing online
  • Check out my latest photos sent straight from my cameraphone

    You can get to know a bit more about me and my crazy ideas, so bookmark that bad boy:

    I recently wrote a blog piece called "ArmaGoogle" on my belief that Google is the Anti-Christ, but until that is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, I'm going to milk them for all they're worth! Google recently announced a service called "Google Book Search" which allows you to search millions of books online. Lots of big time publishers are upset over copyright and whatnot, but I'm not one of them. I welcome my Google overlords with open arms, and am pleased to announce that my book, "Better Than Crying" is in the system. Go ahead, test it out . How many times does the word "dick" appear in my book?

    Tired of the outdated video clips on Well I've changed the way videos play on the website, and I've added a new one. Go to the site's A/V page and see my audition for Laughing Liberally at a club in New York in November. Also, if you're a user of the online video service YouTube, search for my name there , add me to your favorites and leave some comments on my videos


    Last year, I began performing at a New York show called "
    Laughing Liberally ," the mission of which is "to promote democracy one laugh at a time." The group is a spinoff of Drinking Liberally, and we did monthly shows at The Tank, an awesome midtown theatre. Well, the show was picked up by an actual theatrical production company. The artistic director is a super awesome political comic named Barry Crimmins. Anyway, I'll be a part of the gigantic debut show at New York's Town Hall theatre on Feb 4, and expect you all there. It's a 1,500-seat joint, so pack it!

    New Comedy Book SERIES in the Works

    My current book, "Better Than Crying" was printed two years ago and is horribly out of date. For example, there's a lot of stuff on Iraq which doesn't make sense because we won that war years ago and have moved on. Meanwhile, I can't tell you how many folks have pestered me with, "So, when's your next book coming out?" I finally have an answer: in about a month.

    Over the past year, I have written over 70 blog entries and hundreds of your favorite Momentary Jokes, affectionately referred to among us friends as "MoJos." I am now proud to announce the MoJo Quarterly!!! The first issue will be a best of 2005 year in review and will include the best MoJos of 2005 plus some of your favorite, that's right, your favorite blog entries. Then I'll do a First Quarter 2006, Second Quarter, etc. For each book, I'm going to need your input. So right now, I need you to
    take my online survey , helping me figure out what goes in this book. When you do that, you'll get a FREE copy of my current book in electronic format!
  • The Front Porch Podcast #006 BookExpo Part 2 (some of everything)

    Podcast #6 and the second full segment from BookExpo America. Features interviews with Kevin Liles of Warner Music, Relentless Aaron, Orson Scott Card again and more! Ways to get the show: subscribe via iTunes, download the mp3 file or subscribe to my feed with a podcast aggregator like iPodder or, for Mac, a great one is iPodderX. Shownotes In this segment, we continue the extensive one-man coverage of BookExpo America 2005 in the form of five interviews: I hope you like it. There's more BookExpo in-depth coverage to come! Theme music is "Diplo Rhythm" by DJ Diplo of The Hollertronix. Grab the track on iTunes now! Field recordings were done on an iRiver IFP-795T with radio shack stereo lapel mic. Audio processing and mixdown courtesy of Soundtrack. Normalizing by Peak Express and MP3 conversion and tagging done by iTunes. Send audio feedback to frontporchpodcast-AT-gmail-DOT-com. Leave text comments in the comments link below or email them. and stay tuned for more! ---------------- You've been listening to BookExpo in 3-Part Harmony, Podcast Edition – part of a multimedia one-man coverage of the publishing industry’s’ largest get together during June in New York City. Check out the other parts of the series in written blog and flickr photo set. Baratunde is a comedian, author and vigilante pundit. His book, Better Than Crying: Poking Fun at Politics, the Press & Pop Culture, has been read by several people outside of his family, and he performs standup comedy regularly in Boston and NYC but will go anywhere people will listen. He currently resides in Somerville, Mass. but keeps a mailbox in Cambridge since that’s the largest real estate he can afford in the hip 02139 zip code.

    The Front Porch Podcast #005 BookExpo Part 1 (authors and books)

    My fifth podcast and first full episode from BookExpo. Features author and book profiles with Dr. Steven Farron, Fancy Pants Press, Orson Scott Card, William Dawson and Kevin Smokler. You can download the mp3 file or better yet, subscribe to my feed with a podcast aggregator like iPodder or, for Mac, a great one is iPodderX. Shownotes So this is the real debut of my BEA podcast coverage, and it's a showcase of a wide variety of authors and books I found on the exhibit hall floor. We bring you five interviews: I hope you like it. There's more BookExpo in-depth coverage to come! Field recordings were done on an iRiver IFP-795T with radio shack stereo lapel mic. Audio processing and mixdown courtesy of Soundtrack. Normalizing by Peak Express and MP3 conversion and tagging done by iTunes. Send audio feedback to frontporchpodcast-AT-gmail-DOT-com. Leave text comments in the comments link below. and stay tuned for more! ---------------- You've been listening to BookExpo in 3-Part Harmony, Podcast Edition – part of a multimedia one-man coverage of the publishing industry’s’ largest get together during June in New York City. Check out the other parts of the series in written blog and flickr photo set. Baratunde is a comedian, author and vigilante pundit. His book, Better Than Crying: Poking Fun at Politics, the Press & Pop Culture, has been read by several people outside of his family, and he performs standup comedy regularly in Boston and NYC but will go anywhere people will listen. He currently resides in Somerville, Mass. but keeps a mailbox in Cambridge since that’s the largest real estate he can afford in the hip 02139 zip code.