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I really love Kroll Show

A photo taken with my smartphone in the NYC subway system. Photo credit goes to me and my ancestors and the scientists that developed my smartphone along with the underlying technological developments on which they innovated. Thanks history! 

A photo taken with my smartphone in the NYC subway system. Photo credit goes to me and my ancestors and the scientists that developed my smartphone along with the underlying technological developments on which they innovated. Thanks history! 

That's about all I have to say. This show makes me laugh out loud a lot, and Nick Kroll is ridiculous. It's because of his name.

Comedy Central Insider Mentions Me And My @ScienceChannel Show!

The amazing Baratunde Thurston is going to host Science Channels new show, "Popular Science's Future Of," wherein he will predict the future. [Spoiler Alert] Soylent green is people. [Stage Time]

Comedy Central calls me "amazing." Bam. In the press kit. Also mentioned in this post: Stephen Colbert and the amazing W. Kamau Bell. It's an honor yall.

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Boston Weekend: Shows and Office Hours

Hey kids. Couple things. I'm in Boston doing a few appearances this weekend, and I'm very excited to return to my creative home. For you Facebookers: info is in this event. Friday at The Comedy Studio Friday April 25th The Comedy Studio 1238 Mass Ave, 3rd Floor of the Hong Kong Harvard Square, Cambridge MA you should make reservations I'll probably head over to Cambridge 1 afterward to eat and sip on some wine and hold palaver Saturday Office Hours! Office Hours Return! Back in college, I used to host office hours in my dorm because I liked pretending I was a professor. It was a time for people who knew me but not each other could gather and unite over a common enemy. A few months back, I did the same thing in San Fran to a rousing success. I reconnected with old friends and both cracked and jailbroke my iPhone, so back in the town where it all started, I proudly present the return of Baratunde's Office Hours Saturday noon-4pm-ish Diesel Cafe, Davis Square, Somerville MA Saturday Night At Harvard What could be more fun than a Saturday night at an Ivy League university? How about a Saturday night at an Ivy League university during pre-frosh weekend overwhelmed by the swarm of acne-riddled high school seniors? That's what I'm talking about! Harvard Standup Comics Society 8-10pm Science Center C Admission: $1 Other things going on in my life. I've been on Comedy again talking about the PA primary. This was recorded before it happened I'm taking a vacation from my obsessive blogging of this election because I'm a bit exhausted and, yes, bitter. Read more here: Someone blew up a car on my street, taking out several other cars

Baratunde Rants About March Madness on Comedy Central.... .com

Lewis Black's new Root Of All Evil show also has a VH1-talking-head-style web component. I went in last week to tape a segment about March Madness. I told them I didn't really know about or care about basketball, and they were like, "That's fine. Work with it." So I did. Turns out most of the comics shared my apathy. It's a really funny segment. Check it out. You can also find it and any other Comedy Central stuff I do on my comedian page at

Fellow Comedian Lee Camp Calls Fox News A Parade Of Propaganda... ON FOX NEWS

cross-posted to Jack & Jill Politics I'm so proud of the people I know. A few weeks back, my boy Derrick Ashong held it down for Obama and yesterday fellow NYC comedian Lee Camp straight up punked Fox News. Lee and I have worked together for countless shows as part of Laughing Liberally. The entire clip is three minutes. Watch the entire thing. It's so worth it.
You can catch Lee all month on Comedy Central's Fresh Debate 08 series of clips. A more popular version of Lee's Fox News clip is available here, and you can Digg it here, but I wanted to provide the entire segment so you could see just how bold his question was. He laid in the cut and then BAM!

[NP] Last Gig Before We Break Jesus's Heart

What's going down my people-united-will-never-be-defeated? It's been an eventful past few weeks. Hillary Clinton attacked Barack Obama for wanting to be president when he was in kindergarten. So much for encouraging black children to dream! Screw that little chilluns, just hope to be a rapper or ball player so the big bad calculating witch of the east doesn't smear you 40 years later. Oprah opened for Obama at a stadium in South Carolina. It was a beautiful thing to see, and Oprah was in top form giving the people what they wanted. She screamed and pointed, "Everybody look under your seats and check out your NEW. BLACK. PRESIDEEEEEEENT!!! And YOU get a black president! And YOU get a black president..." It was beautiful. Alan Keyes thinks he's still running for president. And I haven't been fired from the Onion yet. Good times all around. UPCOMING APPEARANCES / COOL EVENTS Tonight I'm doing my last NYC gig before the holy daze. We've got Joe Devito from Last Comic Standing on the bill. Come on down to: Don't Touch the Foot's 25th show! Thursday Dec 13th, 10pm Sage Theatre - 711 7th ave b/w 47th and 48th $10 and no drink minimum and for those i've abandoned in boston... This Friday and Saturday in Boston my friend and fellow comic Myq Kaplan is recording a new comedy CD The Comedy Studio @ the Hong Kong, 8pm PIECES OF ME YOU CAN DIGEST FROM YOUR DESK I continue to wear out the keys on my keyboard with word production. Here are some of the things worth seeing. My Last Weekly Dig Column. That's right. I'm retiring from the Dig. It's pretty hard to write a regular column for a Boston paper when you live in NYC. I tried. Andrew Young, I Hereby Revoke Your Black Card I'm really sick of played out civil rights leaders getting drunk off the haterade and questioning Obama's blackness. Andrew Young is in my crosshairs. Showtime at the Apollo, Featuring Barack Obama My perspective on seeing him live in Harlem New Video on YouTube My Comedy Central Open Mic Fight Regional Semifinal Set One of my most solid shows caught on tape. ATTN: FACEBOOK USERS I'm shutting down my Group on Facebook and replacing it with a Fan Page which oughta make it easier to follow my happenings. EVERYBODY ELSE Always check out for the latest happenings and remember to suggest cities or colleges where you want to see me perform. In January, I'll be in DC a few times and out in Cali at Pomona College! demand me

My Comedy Central Open Mic Fight Semifinal Set

Made it to the Boston regional semifinal round this past summer. Finally got the video to show my last stand. Enjoy, and share this around.