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My coverage of Glenn Beck's last Fox show and why it's not a massive victory for the left

I used Storify to capture my tweets and add commentary.

So I'll put the punchline up high:

In conclusion, I don't think Glenn Beck leaving Fox is a massive victory for the left, though pressuring his advertisers to stop backing super ridiculous and damaging hate speech is a victory of sorts.

Like a mutant Japanese monster, though, Beck may simply become stronger. His GBTV positions him as a sort of digital Oprah, with his own virtual network and shows, not all hosted by him.

The clothing is weird, but so is Newman's salad dressing. The inspiration behind it is interesting. Beck has built not just a loyal following but a business empire, freeing him to do even more of what he wants than a cable network might allow.

I don't agree with the man. I've seen him try and partially succeed to destroy the life of a friend. But there are lessons to learn from his strategy. Beck talks up to his audiences. He broke many rules of television, selling complicated ideas in long form. He got people away from their televisions and into the streets, and now he's setting up his own platform with digital and physical monetization which will free him even more to realize his dream.

I only wish his dream were more along the lines of a rocket ship and less about half-plagiarized conspiracy theories seeking to explain why "they" want to take "your America" away.

(to make more sense of this, re-live the coverage below)

Michelle Malkin - Teflon For Racism?

cross-posted to jack and jill politics Liza Sabater over at Culture Kitchen breaks down another problem with the Obama Baby Mama Drama unfolding at Faux News: Michelle Malkin. (background on the baby mama drama) Liza gets at who's really behind Malkin and why it's more effective to have a brown person hating on other brown people
Yet what's most important about all this mess is the other Michelle. La Malkin. Why do you think Fox News has on their payroll a dark-skinned Filipina who is not only their quite giddy and willing cover for the racist rants you pass as news, but also something of a news maker herself? Michelle Malkin seems to be racist Pygmalion who has been molded by her husband, Jesse Malkin. Two years ago four bloggers documented what many people were wondering at the time about the increasingly prolific Malkin : That and most probably Michelle Malkin the syndicated journalist and columnist and are not Michelle Malkin but the woman, her husband, Jesse Malkin and maybe indeed a small team of interns and researchers. That nowadays she has people guest blogging at is a complete turnaround from the early days. Michelle Malkin in 2006 had just given birth and was slugging across the country interviews and book readings all the while writing a syndicated column, making TV appearances and peppering her blog with about 6 posts a day. Every day. Including Sundays. And she would do this and boast about how she didn't have nannies, how she didn't have interns or assistants working for her. She was the super brown woman, spokeswoman for anti-immigrants and white supremacists at large. It's why finding out who really is Michelle Malkin the author became so important. Was this a xenophobic genius or is she a front for a larger right-wing juggernaut?
It's an historical pattern, this getting brown people to tear down other brown folks. There's no shock value in brown folks demanding rights for immigrants or fair wages or justice of any kind. As much as people dis the professional black spokespeople for jumping on victimhood, there's a lot more money in denying racism and actually blaming the victims of systemic racism for their own oppression. I wrote and performed about this years ago in my piece, "I'll Be A Black Conservative For $240,000"
[Black conservatives] are in very short supply, but they're a must-have accessory for every ass backwards policy. Need to undo affirmative action? Find a black Supreme Court judge. Wanna bomb poor people? How bout a black National Security Advisor. Need to pimp one of the greatest underfunded federal policies since 40 acres and a mule? Armstrong Williams is your dawg!
Full video here:
Update from Comment From Left Field. a great reminder that while the Baby Mama lower third was up, Malkin was saying attacks on Michelle are ok so long as they are substantive. Fox is so triflin.

Suppose I Could Make Bill O'Reilly Disappear. How Would You Celebrate?

Bill O'reilly Goes Crazy on The Set of Inside Edition

Image courtesy of theleetgeeks via Flickr

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, Polk Award, Inside Edition meltdown fame, is a bad person who's doing bad things to this country. I cannot enumerate them. Google can do that for you. It's clear this country would be better if he weren't around. I got to thinking, what if he were to disappear into the void between dimensions? Based on Stephen King's The Mist, that seems like a place full of really bad monsters, so Bill should be right at home. I'm not saying I can do this, but with a particle accelerator and some cayenne pepper... let's just say I might know a guy and leave it at that. So supposing, just supposing it were possible to banish him to the interdimensional void, how would you celebrate? I really want to know. A friend on Twitter suggested a national holiday called "Fuckery Free Day." I think I'd max out my credit card to put on a massive parade of falafel-eating munchkins all singing "Ding Dong O'Reilly's Gone" or something to that effect. What would you do? What would you like to see done if our prayers of Bill O'Reilly disappearing were to come true?