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My debut on Real Time with Bill Maher

Baratunde lightly gestures at Arianna Huffington then fist bumps Matt Welch on the teevee

Baratunde lightly gestures at Arianna Huffington then fist bumps Matt Welch on the teevee

The headlines are:

"Had Fun"

"Enjoyed Watching Sister Simone Take Dinesh D'Souza To Church"

and "They Gave Us Bath Robes"


Being on the show was actually great. The live audience was, well, live! Bill was a mix of smart and hilarious and wrong. The staff was great to work with, and I met the first ever makeup artist to carry eyeglass cleaner in her kit. Hugs forever. Most of the world missed my appearance, but here are some options.

  1. If you have Home Box Office To Go, you can watch the full episode (#317) at your leisure
  2. You can watch the "Overtime" post-show segment on YouTube
  3. And HBO has a collection of clips from my episode they don't charge you for, so let's hear it for proprietary video players, am I right??
  4. Or you can come over to my apartment in Brooklyn, and we can watch together. I have a TV.

This Friday, I'm On BBC Newsnight Review With Guests Talking About Things

This is so exciting! Tomorrow I join a panel of some pretty cool people talking about some pretty cool things on the BBC programme (see how I spelled it all British-like?), Newsnight Review Panelists
  • Me
  • Ron Silver (actor/director and has his own political radio talkshow)
  • Kathleen Parker (syndicated columnist) - yes THAT Kathleen Parker
  • Joe Queenan (film critic/author).
  • What's happened to American culture under the Bush presidency. How did TV, film, literature and music respond to Sept 11th?  Or the Iraq War?  Is there more political diversity in the arts now?  Would Obama or McCain be better for the cultural life of the country or does it not really make a difference?
Then review items If you have thoughts on any of these things that I can appropriate as my own, jump in!