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The Baratunde Got Jacked Recovery & Reinvestment Act IS FULLY FUNDED THANK YOU

UPDATE: IN ONE WEEK WE DID IT, AND I LOVE YOU ALL. I AM SO GRATEFUL RIGHT NOW. THANK YOU TIPJOY, PAYPAL AND SUPER DUPER GENEROUS RIDICULOUS INTERNET FRIENDS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I'LL POST A VIDEO LATER. --- Hey fam, On april 17th, while performing at a Manhattan club, someone stole my bag with laptop, keys, wallet, canon digital camera, canteen and deodorant! Yeah, they stole the deodorant too. That's a cold bastard right there. I really don't have the funds to replace it but need these tools to do my job. I'm suggesting a $5 donation to help me get it back. That's 700 people I need donations from. With 4,500 twitter followers and 3,500 facebook friends, I'm hoping I can get through. I love what I do and it's near impossible without my tools. Here's a somber, heart-wrenching, emotional, personal, video appeal: Hopefully $5 to you is less of a big deal than $3.500 to me. How I plan to spend the money.
  • replace my macbook pro, case and applecare
  • replace my digital camera
  • purchase Undercover, a tracking application all mac laptop users should install that helps recover stolen laptops
I'll finally be getting renter's insurance (something I should have had) and need to replace all kinds of keys and my driver's license. I'll also probably subscribe to that LifeLock service since all sorts of personal info was on the stolen laptop. This is just a major inconvenience, and while I'm distracted by this crime, our enemies are not letting up! Please help me rejoin the fight -- the fight to make people laugh, the fight to keep geeking out, the fight to promote active citizenship in all the ways I know how. If you appreciate what I do, you can show it with a $5 (or more (or less)) donation. Thanks. Here's how it works. TipJoy is set up to use Twitter, but if you don't use twitter, go here: The widget below is for twitter users. You fill in your info, and can announce a donation to my just cause via a Twitter status update. If you don't want to give up your password, TipJoy can let you authenticate your twitter account here If you don't wanna be down with TipJoy, a direct paypal to would work.