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The Sound Of My Dying Macbook Pro

I just tend to wear out technology tools very quickly. I certainly push them harder than most users. I also get unlucky when it comes to lemons. The first Macbook I got was the 13" black one. It suffered from "random shutdown syndrome" which is a bug so absurd, that its official name is "random shutdown syndrome!" This is what my current Macbook Pro sounds like after I boot it. I'm not sure what the cause is, but the solution is to get rid of this damn thing. I got notice today that my new Macbook Pro has shipped. I maxed on all the specs because I just need the power. Farewell to my noisy friend whom I backup daily.

The Difference Between Screen Capture and Webpage Capture...

...and why I love Paparazzi I've been having a Twitter conversation about the challenge of capturing an entire webpage into a single image file. I used to use a tool called Saft which exports entire webpages into PDFs, but since the Safari 3 updates, Saft has gotten increasingly flaky. Because it relies on PDF output, it often triggers the "printer-friendly" rendering of a webpage rather than creating a PDF of what you actually see. Several people wrote me back in response to my quest basically saying, "why don't you use the screen capture tool?" The short answer is "because I need more than a screen-ful of information. I need a page." More below with images to show what I mean. I have found the best tool so far though, and it's called Paparazzi. Mac only Using Apple's built in COMMAND+SHIFT+4 I can only capture what fits inside my browser window, NOT the entire page. The following is an example, with the raw image file coming in at 994 x 836 pixels

Screenshot Capture -

With Paparazzi I can grab the entire, long page, not just what I can see on my monitor at any given time. The following complete image comes in at 967 x 2137 pixels. That's more than double the height of the screen capture tool in OS X

Web Page Capture -