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DC Visit Causes Nostalgia For Jhoon Rhee Self Defense Commercials

I spent several days in DC this week. The primary purpose was to visit my alma mater, Sidwell Friends. More on that later, though. I also recorded some DIY commercials for Obamacare, because I finally have insurance. Vine and Instagram have the goods so far. Again, more on that later.

I'm writing now because I found myself overwhelmed with memories not frequently encountered. Walking through the halls of one's high school and middle school tend to do that. I found myself humming "Nobody bothers me," and the old commercial for Jhoon Rhee self defense kept playing on loop in my mind.

Now the song will be stuck in your head, which is the only way to get it out of mine.

You're welcome.

Seriously, we need A Man Called Hawk right about now

A few minutes ago, I tweeted that I missed the TV show, A Man Called Hawk. A lot of people didn't know what I was talking about. Here's the TV show intro, and I just want to thank Jesus for inventing YouTube.

and here's a 10-second bumper for the show. I'll never forget the way the announcer used to say, "a man called haaaaaaawk."

The show was a spinoff of Spencer: For Hire, which is interesting cause I just found that out today! All I knew was that in 1989 there was a bad-ass, clean-shaven, goatied black man running around the streets of my city (D.C.) fighting crime with a shiny gun, playing chess and appreciating African art. I wanted to be that dude! 

I would wear long black trench coats and run fast so that the fabric flapped in the wind just like "a man called haaaaawk." America needs Hawk, now more than ever. 

Here's the wikipedia entry for the show. It's worth a read.