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The UK Defence Ministry thinks terrorists will dance with you, have tea with your mum and babysit all thanks to social media

This is pretty amazing. The Telegraph has the story of the MoD warning servicemen and women (and their families) about the potential dangers of posting information to social networks. The videos are well done and do actually lead you to think before you post. However, they have conclusions which lead to far more important lessons.

Take the video above. Toward the end, as the tension builds, I'm expecting the sailors to get attacked, kidnapped, beheaded or something. Instead, the closing shot is of the servicewomen dancing with a fully-masked, fully-armed, presumed-terrorist. This begs much larger questions than "Did these ladies overshare on Foursquare?" Questions such as:

  1. What sort of security is the nightclub operating under? Maybe the MoD should do a public campaign about the dangers of shit bouncers?
  2. What sort of British sailor spots an armed terrorist and chooses to dance with him? Granted, a lot might have happened off-screen. Maybe the terrorist threated to murder every single club-goer if these sailors didn't dance with him. Maybe that's what he really wants in life, not money, not the release of a political prisoner. Maybe he just wants to feel sexy for once in his life.

There are a total of four full scenario videos in the series. Here's my absolute favorite.

I mean, that's just brilliant. If terrorists are providing free child care, we need to rethink this entire War on Terrorism thing from the ground up!

A rational option for those opposed to gays serving openly in the U.S. military


Those against repeal of DADT are willing to limit the type of person that will die for them in battle. Just think about that. Here's a brief message for those people: You want to pick and choose who is allowed to lay his or her life on the line. That's insane. Either anyone can kill/be killed in your name or no one can. However, if you choose to be an asshole about it and have some list of acceptable people, there will be consequences. For example, you fucking lose the privilege of a standing army, and when we're at war, your dumb ass is used as body armor on the front lines. Either that, or we ship your sorry ass off to the middle of nowhere and direct all enemies to summarily fuck up your shit, preferably with their all-gay armies.  Don't be stupid.