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Stop everything. There's a Tin Tin movie coming out!

I read pretty much all of the Tin Tin comic books as a kid along with the Asterix stories. I preferred Asterix. I remember getting so deep into one reading session that when I looked up from the page, I asked, "Who turned off the television?" The art and story were that compelling. I'd actually prefer to see a movie about Asterix. The idea of a micro-sized human being drinking some magical steroid punch and beating the crap out of everyone around him just appeals to me. 

Update: thank you Matthew Reid from Twitter who pointed me to a European Journal of Neurosurgery study finding that 


Asterix books contain 704 victims of brain injury. Most were male, many Roman and more than half were attacked by Asterix and Obelix themselves ... medical academics get their heads around violence in the Asterix comics
That's my little Gaul!


The Tillman Story. Military lies and more truth from Bill Hicks

This is high on the list. Seems like another good name for this movie is "Lies." With the advantage of time passed, we may forget how hard the administration and the media sold us on Pat Tillman's story. He became the poster child for our war in Afghanistan, and he was used as a very effective mascot. The system required the myth of Tillman's sacrifice to remain intact, because if the truth of Tillman came out, perhaps even more truths would emerge about just what we were doing and why.

And that brings me back to comedian Bill Hicks. In a comment about gays in the military, Hicks reminds us to question the special pedestal on which we place "the military." "Aren't you hired killers?" he asks. In this country, we tend to love the idea of a waving flag and men in uniform making the "ultimate" sacrifice. Bill gets beneath the surface in this clip.

The official site for the movie appears to be down, but here are a few cities showing it at Landmark theatres.

Citysearch Censors "Suck" "Blow" And "Sex" But "Oral Intercourse" Is OK

Look, I don't spend my time testing the language filters of user review sites. I was actually playing with Facebook Connect to see what it was capable of. Citysearch has a beta site where you can log in with your Facebook account, so I did. I wanted to see how Citysearch interacted with my Facebook profile. What I found instead was an overly rigid, nonsensical and outdated language filtering policy.

Step 1: Write movie review

Testing Facebook Connect On Citysearch Beta

Step 2: Have review blocked for use of the word "suck" despite the fact that I was saying nice things about the movie

Citysearch Doesn't Let You Say The Word "Suck" In A Review

Step 3: Test the system by replacing "suck" with "blow"

Citysearch Doesn't Let You Use The Word "Blow" In A Review

Step 4: Find out how far Citysearch is willing to go in suppressing my expression. Try replacing "blow" with "perform oral sex" ...only to have "sex" blocked

Citysearch Doesn't Let You Use The Word "Sex" In A Review

Step 5: Success!! Scientific descriptions are OK. "Perform Oral Intercourse" is acceptable to Citysearch.

But Citysearch DOES Let You Use The Phrase "Perform Oral Intercourse"

Step 6: Make sweeping conclusion. So what's the lesson in all this? Fuck Citysearch.

This Friday, I'm On BBC Newsnight Review With Guests Talking About Things

This is so exciting! Tomorrow I join a panel of some pretty cool people talking about some pretty cool things on the BBC programme (see how I spelled it all British-like?), Newsnight Review Panelists
  • Me
  • Ron Silver (actor/director and has his own political radio talkshow)
  • Kathleen Parker (syndicated columnist) - yes THAT Kathleen Parker
  • Joe Queenan (film critic/author).
  • What's happened to American culture under the Bush presidency. How did TV, film, literature and music respond to Sept 11th?  Or the Iraq War?  Is there more political diversity in the arts now?  Would Obama or McCain be better for the cultural life of the country or does it not really make a difference?
Then review items If you have thoughts on any of these things that I can appropriate as my own, jump in!