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Why Rdio Playlists Kick Spotify Playlists In The Buttocks

Years ago for my first SXSW, I downloaded a massive set of MP3s Salon had put together including music from every music act showcasing in Austin. I missed the music fest this year but didn't want to miss the music, so I compared my two favorite music services to see who could get me closest to the action.

First up, Spotify.

I searched for SXSW 2013 and got this beautiful list of playlists. The problem: I have no idea who made these playlists or how they are sorted. The only way to find this out is to click on the playlist image. That's a lot of clicking. 

Verdict: boo.

Next up: Rdio

Ah, this is much better. Not only does it show the full title of the playlists and who made it, but I actually didn't have to click at all. Even getting to the Spotify screen above required me to click through to "Show All Results" then click again on "See All" next to the playlists that result.

Rdio is all, "Are these the playlists you're looking for?"

Why yes, yes they are.

Verdict: yay.

Today's Wake Up Jam: "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer

I've got a loud speaker set to deliver me from my slumber, but the soft opening in this tune eased my transition between worlds. For a few moments, the the distinction between dreaming and waking states evaporated. Good morning, Universe!

Kutiman, YouTube Music Mix Master, Does It Again

Kutiman is back with another awe-inspiring video edit job. Kids, you can try this at home, but remember, this man is a professional. In the beginning, there was this amazing video from March 2009, edited together from unrelated YouTube videos to produce an integrated track of mindblowingness:

Now, he's back, two years later, with an amazing new slice of awesome to share with the world


I'm in Boston Saturday night hosting #Soozapalooza2 and #WhiskeyFriday at the Middle East

That's right, Boston. I'm baaaaack! For a few hours only. This Saturday night I'll be the MC and comedic guide to an evening of pretty incredible music organized by Sooz (aka Susan Kaup). It's known asSoozapalooza; it's at The Middle East downstairs, and it's gonna be great. 

We begin with a special, extended #WhiskeyFriday (48-hour edition) at 8pm upstairs at the Middle East. Consider this an office hours/meetup/drinkup. No charge for this part. Come by, say hi, stay for the show. As for the event itself...


Soozapalooza is the annual spectacle of awesome hosted by Sooz featuring music, bourbon and hashtags. This year's bands include a special reunion show by Mistle Thrush, the first band Sooz became a fan of when she moved from Nebraska to Boston in 1994. Kristen Ford Band, The Lights Out and The Candles will also perform. The Soozapalooza Supergroup, a big group of local rock heroes, ends the night with inspired performances of six cover songs selected by Sooz.

Advance tickets are available for $10 at the Middle East Box Office in Central Square, Cambridge and online through TIcketWeb. Tickets will cost $12 at the door. This is an 18+ show.

Twitter Hashtag: #Soozapalooza2

In the mood for some Oscar D'León

Reminds me of a dear friend and great dancer. The first salsa album I ever owned was a gift in the form of an Oscar D'León CD in 1999, and I used to rock it constantly, especially driving to Sophia's latin dance club in Boston from about 2000 to 2004.

For the homies who ain't here...