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MySpace Begs Users To Log In With Threats Of Cancelled URLs

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I just got this email from MySpace
You're losing it, Baratunde Thurston! Your MySpace URL is about to be taken away, so you may lose it forever. This is the unique URL you chose for yourself (such It’s been some time since you’ve logged in and used your MySpace URL. You're holding a very valuable piece of MySpace real estate, which is the URL you chose. Since it doesn't look like you're an active user on this account, we will be resetting your username/URL so that someone else can use it. How do you keep it for yourself? Simply login to your account right now by clicking: That’s it! While you're there, check out the new feature that lets you automatically find people you may know. Just click the link: NOTE: We are only resetting the URLs of inactive accounts. We will *not* delete your account. We are simply trying to free up the username/URLs for people who actually want to use them. Thanks!
No, you're losing it, MySpace!  What happened to poor MySpace? Under the guise of helping me preserve my URL, MySpace is pushing an immediate boost in active accounts by using threats to force people to log in. Oh, and while I'm logged in, did I know that I could find other people I might know??? How pathetic. Here's a hint MySpace. If your service has to resort to threats to get people to log in, it's no longer useful.  I've always had a tolerate-hate relationship with MySpace, but as a comedian, it used to be king of the hill for me. I posted videos and blogs, networked with other artists and got lots of fan correspondence in the form of emails and comments on my photos, blogs, videos and wall. However, the past six months or so have seen MySpace become virtually abandoned. I still get friend requests, but the interaction died off a long time ago. No more comments, very few emails. I never liked the calendar and group systems, but I don't even get get spammy requests from bands and hot chicks anymore. God, how I miss ignoring communication from crappy bands and wannabe porn stars! I use to update my MySpace status now, but the entire MySpace newsfeed is a poor imitation of the actual interactive feeds of services like Facebook and Friendfeed. Every few weeks I'll check my friend requests and the few messages that await me, but overall I really don't have a reason to log in to MySpace. Until now. Because now, MySpace is threatening me. Now is a good time to let you all know where I do hang out online. My most active haunts in order are Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed. I'll see you there. Or else.

MySpace Bungles its Anti-Spam Efforts

I've made a habit of hating on MySpace and that other social network that shall not be named in this post. Yesterday, MySpace upped the ante on its suckiness by making it that much harder for me to reply to emails there. I received a message. I pressed reply, and this is what I got:
MySpace, if you don't die, i'll kill you myself
What does that even say? I failed the image verification three times.Is this really the problem, people replying to their friends with SPAM? So, a friend writes me a message about collaborating on some comedy project, and I use that opportunity to be like, "Hey, Baron Vaughn, you want some Vi0gra and Cial1s!??!" I don't think so. WTF people?