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A black man, white man, and brown woman walk into a bar and end racism

A Conversation On Race w/@soledad_obrien, @baratunde, @TannerColby

Last week, I was part of an event I've wanted to pull off for over a year: a multiracial conversation about race with author Tanner Colby (Some Of My Best Friends Are Black) and journalist Soledad O'Brien. In just over an hour we discussed our books, our differing childhoods, and our aligned beliefs about how to keep the country moving in a forwardly direction with regard to race and equity. There was plenty of wine and several hilarious as well as poignant moments. I recommend watching the entire video.

Togather is the platform we used to organize the event, and they came through like champs, hooking us up with the conveniently-located and sexily situated Subculture event space in downtown Manhattan (where my NoHo people at!?). They handled the ticket sales, green room snacks, and more. Tanner and I previewed the event on WNYC's Brian Lehrer show a few days before the event, and that discussion of interracial friendships drove a lot of listeners into the audience. 

You can order a two book bundle of How To Be Black and Some Of My Best Friends Are Black for a few more weeks, with proceeds benefitting Soledad's foundation. The funds help send girls of color to college and ensure their graduation  

Re-live #occupywallst overnight raid: acoustic weapons, police wagons and more

Photo uploaded by Rebecca Trent to Facebook

For three hours (0120 to 0420), I remotely covered the middle-of-the-night police action against the peaceably assembled at Zuccotti Park in New York. My sources were location-based twitter search, citizen and reporter tweets, live web feeds, the NYPD police scanner and traffic cams. Here is everything I tweeted in a pretty Storify slideshow. (you can see the flat version here

I met someone with my exact bike! Pink Schwinn cruiser named Roxie!

Last weekend I biked down to Coney Island to partake of the delicious crustaceans at Clemente's Maryland Crab House in Sheepshead Bay. It's an 11-mile journey and completely worth it. One my way, racing down Ocean Ave, I spotted another pink bike. The woman who owned it, Noha, was sitting on a bench and screamed, "Hey, we have the same bike!" I slammed on the breaks and walked back to her. 

Sure enough, we both have pink Schwinn Cruisers named Roxie. We couldn't believe it. I've seen other pink bikes and even cruisers but never another Roxie. Mine was given to me by my Dutch friend and superstar Kirsten Van Den Hul. We're thinking of starting a Roxie biking club. Seems like the Brooklyn thing to do, right? 

Announcing The #BaconWhiskeyFreedom Party & free tickets for Laughing Liberally tonight in NYC

 The Bacon Whiskey Freedom Party (by Baratunde) by baratunde

I am tired of all this U.S. debt ceiling talk. Let's just default already and start a #NewAmerica somewhere else. We'll need bacon. And whisk(e)y. And freedom. I recently asked Twitter about the pros and cons of forming a #BaconWhiskeyFreedom party.

All pros. So let's start building it.

Tonight I'm performing in the final Laughing Liberally show of the summer in NYC. The first 50 people to email (and get a confirmation) will get in for free. Either way, you should come. I'll talk about bacon and whiskey and freedom. 

We can heal America guys.


NYC standup comedy shows worth checking out

People often ask me what shows, besides my own, they should check out in NYC. I'm posting this entry to satisfy that need and will update regularly. Much of this list was informed by my friend and comedian Myq Kaplan.

One-stop shopping for good NYC shows: The Comic's Comic blog.

specific shows to check out (starting with free ones):

other cheap shows:

other free shows:

other great shows:

  • Moonwork, some saturdays in the village ($20 to get in, worth it, great shows, includes free beer)
  • Sacapuntas!, first wednesday of every month at Bower Poetry Club. (hosted by Dan Allen)