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Baratunde's Yay Area Office Hours Sunday at Revolution Cafe

As I used to do in college and have started doing again in my travels, I'm holding office hours as a way to connect with my Bay Area people and have them connect with each other. I'll be sitting (ok squatting) at Revolution Cafe in the Mission all Sunday afternoon from about 3:30 to 7:30.

Revolution cafe SF

Revolution Cafe 3428 22nd Street, between Mission and Bartlett

My flight out is at 10pm, so I'll head out straight from there. The last time I was there in February, I unlocked an iPhone I picked up for $50 after it was run over by a car. In my recent Boston office hours, we got into discussions of feminism, immersive gaming and manipulating the electorate. What craziness will ensue on this trip? The Yay is a magical place, so come by and let's hold palaver and more. If you use Facebook, you can find the event listed there, RSVP etc.

Boston Weekend: Shows and Office Hours

Hey kids. Couple things. I'm in Boston doing a few appearances this weekend, and I'm very excited to return to my creative home. For you Facebookers: info is in this event. Friday at The Comedy Studio Friday April 25th The Comedy Studio 1238 Mass Ave, 3rd Floor of the Hong Kong Harvard Square, Cambridge MA you should make reservations I'll probably head over to Cambridge 1 afterward to eat and sip on some wine and hold palaver Saturday Office Hours! Office Hours Return! Back in college, I used to host office hours in my dorm because I liked pretending I was a professor. It was a time for people who knew me but not each other could gather and unite over a common enemy. A few months back, I did the same thing in San Fran to a rousing success. I reconnected with old friends and both cracked and jailbroke my iPhone, so back in the town where it all started, I proudly present the return of Baratunde's Office Hours Saturday noon-4pm-ish Diesel Cafe, Davis Square, Somerville MA Saturday Night At Harvard What could be more fun than a Saturday night at an Ivy League university? How about a Saturday night at an Ivy League university during pre-frosh weekend overwhelmed by the swarm of acne-riddled high school seniors? That's what I'm talking about! Harvard Standup Comics Society 8-10pm Science Center C Admission: $1 Other things going on in my life. I've been on Comedy again talking about the PA primary. This was recorded before it happened I'm taking a vacation from my obsessive blogging of this election because I'm a bit exhausted and, yes, bitter. Read more here: Someone blew up a car on my street, taking out several other cars