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I'm on the cover of Fast Company for my #unplug feature

December 15, 2012 to January 8, 2013 I left all email and social media. It was 25 days of relative digital quiet, and I loved it. The experience was so profound, I wrote about it for Fast Company. The piece launches online this week, and is accompanied by related stories and Twitter activity around the hashtag #UNPLUG.

Here's a more digestible version I and my colleagues at Cultivated Wit made for Tapestry.

Update: here's an audio performance I posted to SoundCloud 

Oh, and they made me the cover of their July/August 2013 issue which hits newsstands June 25 and looks a little something like this:

Actually, the cover looks looks exactly like this.

A very nice review of Sage Standup at Bar 82, which I host every Tuesday

My new glasses?
Me messing around with some experimental glasses at Bar 82 one night this past summer.

Many thanks to Diamond, who wrote a flattering piece about our now-three-year-old show. Yep, I've been hosting this show for three years! Here's an excerpt of the review:

The atmosphere at Bar 82 is unlike any other. It’s intimate and compact. In a sense, the acts have no choice but to interact with the crowd, whether it’s tough or not. But hey, it’s New York, what do you expect?

A lot of pressure is put on the host to keep the crowd awake in between acts but bearded Baratunde Thurston enjoys the challenge, especially at Bar 82.

“I love performing. I also write and have done on-air work, but there’s nothing like performing,” said Thurston, clad in a gray sports coat and burgundy glasses. “Performing in front of people brings an energy that you can’t get on Twitter. This is like coming home. Even though I perform a lot of places, I don’t miss many shows here.”

Bar 82 is definitely worth a look-see. Their prices are reasonable for drinks and the Sage Comedy Show is free of charge with no drink minimum. Why wouldn’t you?

Tomorrow night we have the amazing W. Kamau Bell in the lineup, and I'll be out of town the rest of the week, so it's your last chance to see me until next week, New York! Full info at