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Facebook Pages Finally Let You Target Your Update Messages!

Dude, we are winning this battle. Facebook is actually giving pages some power! First they gave us Poups by allowing us to merge our groups with our pages and thus avoid the frustrating fragmentation of our audiences. Now they've checked off another major issue on my Pages wish list:

Targeted Updates For Facebook Groups!

Check that out. One thing that made me angry is Facebook constantly saying they care about spam and are nervous about it and trying to stop it (to the point of censoring users), yet forcing Page owners to address every single fan with a message that should be regionally targeted. I like to send out updates about my shows, but that's usually in just one city (sometimes I teletransport). I've been hacking this targeting ability by using events under my Profile (not Page) to invite people in a city to a gig. Now I can target my messages. This is absolutely wonderful. This gives me more of an incentive to drive people to my Page rather than Profile. I still have a challenge in that area, but we're getting closer. Now if they'd just let us format the update messages... Thanks, Facebook. Sincerely.

MySpace Bungles its Anti-Spam Efforts

I've made a habit of hating on MySpace and that other social network that shall not be named in this post. Yesterday, MySpace upped the ante on its suckiness by making it that much harder for me to reply to emails there. I received a message. I pressed reply, and this is what I got:
MySpace, if you don't die, i'll kill you myself
What does that even say? I failed the image verification three times.Is this really the problem, people replying to their friends with SPAM? So, a friend writes me a message about collaborating on some comedy project, and I use that opportunity to be like, "Hey, Baron Vaughn, you want some Vi0gra and Cial1s!??!" I don't think so. WTF people?