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Me on John King USA talking about the "economy"

Hey folks, Last Friday, I was invited to discuss the economy and job numbers with John King on his new CNN show. (Sorry it's taken so long to post, but I've been juggling a few things). I was surprised by the quality of the conversation, to be honest. I'm used to these cable shows throwing up a Brady Bunch-style, talking head smackdown, and this segment was nothing like that. It consisted of an unexpectedly well-produced segment about the loss of industrial jobs and its effects on the black community plus John and I talking both about unemployment and the contrast of that to extreme compensation for the bankster class. Here's the original segment. As I'm starting to do by habit, I've recorded a video response to get into a bit more detail about some of the ideas I wanted to communicate.

And here's my response... to myself :) Some references backing up the points I was making

Me on Fox 5 NYC's Good Day Street Talk talking healthcare reform

I was brought in to represent a comedic perspective, but I had to drop some facts in as well. I didn't get to counter all the misinformation, but got some points across and actually had fun. I learned back in Boston to be able to distinguish between Fox News Channel (on cable) and the local Fox affiliates. Anyway, enjoy.