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Occupy Sparkle: the full "box set" of my Twilight #livehatetweeting

If you just want to right now, like very now see my take on the final movie, it's here on Storify. If, however, you want to know the full story of why I do this and experience the full set, continue reading.

It began when I read the first two books on my honeymoon in December 2008. My new wife and I listened to Twilight and New Moon on a road trip. We saw the first movie when we returned home, and a few months later we were divorced. I'm not saying Twilight killed my marriage, per se. I am saying there is a strong correlation between consuming Twilight content and no longer being happily married. It's possible this contributed to the hate, but I know the majority of my disdain for this franchise comes from crap storytelling and even worse messaging about depression and abusive relationships. Also, it as Karma Laundrette brilliantly points out, it is very, very, dumb and full of propaganda.

I took what I had--hatred, years of comedy experience, self-respect, and digitally connected devicess--and I began live hate-tweeting these movies so others might avoid parting with their hard-earned funds for such bullshit.