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I proudly return to cable news to talk NY/NJ infrastructure aka Chris Christie

A lovely view of 30 Rock from the streets. Lots of cameras up in there!

A lovely view of 30 Rock from the streets. Lots of cameras up in there!

It's been a while since I've mouthed off on cable news about anything, and it was nice to return to Chris Hayes's show on MSNBC to think out loud about NJ Governor Chris Christie's presidential prospects in light of the George Washington Bridge controversy.

I joined Sam Seder and the actually, truly, legendary Charles Pierce (of Esquire Magazine). Happy fun times via moving images and recorded sound below. 

Video from my Chicago Ideas Week talk: colonizing the world with comedy

I do a lot of talking in my work, and it's a privilege to get to mouth off for a living. I don't always post the video from these events because it's sometimes repetitive and I think yall might get sick of me posting a bunch of look-at-me content. However, speaking at the 2012 Chicago Ideas Week event was a special occasion.

First, I got to share the stage during a time block devoted to Identity. My fellow speakers were Hanna Rosin, LZ Granderson, James Fallows, Brook Magnanti, and Eric Daigh. They were all amazing and smart and interesting. I'm not just saying that. 

Second, I got to perform in the Goodman Theatre. It's one of the most beautiful rooms I've ever worked, and from a strictly performance standpoint, I was thrilled to be there. 

Last, here are my words, recorded and replayable through this magic technological advancement known as embedded video.

CIW: Identity: Baratunde Thurston from Chicago Ideas Week on Vimeo.

Make the time to watch this 12 minute video about depression and suicide. Do it

It's from an ESPN documentary about Jordan Burnham, a star high school student and athlete who suffered from depression and tried to take his own life.

In 2010 my friend Dr. Greg Feldman took his own life. It was an absolute shock to most of us. Greg was high achieving, high functioning, loving, personable and awesome. He also worked in the high performance, high pressure world of surgery. We missed the signs. He hid the signs. Now he's gone, and we've lost a friend, brother, son. You who've never met him have lost the potential for his goodness to enter your life. But it doesn't have to be an absolute loss. Take the time to watch this video. You may not suffer from depression or suicidal tendencies, but you may know and love someone who has, is or will. Increase your awareness

Thank you.

I talk with @cc_chapman about what inspires me on #PassionHitTV

My man C.C. Chapman has a new project afoot called "Passion Hit TV," and I'm honored to be his first profile! Check out the video above and stay connected to this cool show which "focuses on people, companies and events that have taken something they loved doing and turned it into something much more. You’ll learn about their journey and what inspires them to keep going forward. The goal is to inspire you to stop dreaming about the future and to make it happen."

By the way, C.C. and I recorded this in Louisville, KY while at the amazing Idea Festival. I can't recommend this annual event enough. Yes, they paid for me to be there and blog/tweet about it, so there's your danged disclosure. But even without that, the event is amazingly diverse, inspiring and in a great city who's unofficial motto is "Just Add Bourbon."

Join @baratunde's #HowToBeBlack street team!

Folks, we are just a few months away from the release of my first-book-that-someone-else-has-paid-for: How To Be Black. The release date is January 31 (but you can pre-order now!) and to make the story as engaging, fun and effective as possible, I want you to be involved in the marketing.

The video above has more of the details, but here are the essentials: We're building a virtual street team (Black Team!) to help spread the message of How To Be Black and make the marketing as cutting edge and strange as the writing process (remember the live-writing?).



Complete the application by 12:01am Tuesday November 14, Brooklyn Time (aka ET). And keep the following in mind:

  • We're looking for people who want to help create a best-seller, who love the idea of the book or just think I'm kinda cool. You should be engaging, enthusiastic, creative and willing to hustle
  • You will receive regular assignments and questions, mostly focused on digital activities, but real-world actions will be included. The street team will also be responsible for actually selling books! I know, it's crazy.
  • Street team members will have regular private video chats with me, a weekly insider email and members-only Facebook group to learn from one another. You will also get early access to the book and, once it prints, a personally signed copy from me
  • You don't have to be black to be on the Black Team! Really. This book isn't just for black people and neither is the street team. We're equal opportunity so long as you're awesome. Don't be not awesome, and you won't have anything to not worry about, not.

Even if you don't apply, think about who you know that should and spread the word to those folks.

For a sample of just what the book is, see the trailer and PDF excerpt from the introduction below.


Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Stay Black.


This video makes me want to become a world class surfer and buy 100 GoPro cameras #surfatunde

Last spring, I went surfing for the first time in my life, and it was under ideal circumstances. I was speaking at Surf Summit 14 in Cabo, Mexico and got my first lessons with Roxy, the female line from Quiksilver also dedicated to getting more girls and women into surfing. So yeah, my first surfing lesson was me and a bunch of beautiful women. Except for the urchins it was ideal circumstances.

I found the video above from Robert Scoble on my Google+, and he's all excited about the GoPro camera. I am too after seeing this South African antelope engage in an entirely different definition of "mountain biking" (for antelope, mountain biking means taking out mountain bikers). 

But this snippet of surfing footage makes me most excited about returning to a sport I love after just one shot. Plus, it will be great when I can catch air like that and pause time like the Matrix and all.