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Real Weather Girls? I sat through this video, and so will you

I got a PR email about this thing. I was confused. I clicked. I saw the above. I regretted clicking. Who's idea was this? "Oh, let's take weather plus white girls with annoying voices talking about their lives for no reason plus other random bullshit and make an app!"

As I watched the video, I kept expecting something different to happen, but each time it was just another white girl with a horrendous voice. I started getting angry. I couldn't imagine this whole thing could look so... same, but they kept piling in like Orcs.

I didn't know we had that many white girls to spare. Someone should tell Nancy Grace: we found all the missing white girls. They're doing some weird weather-reality-documentary-thing, and they won't shut up about it.

Update 17:39 on 6 October 2010

A Twitter user named Jeremy Harness pointed out the one non-white girl who is part of this Real Weather Girls project. She wasn't in the video which is why I missed her. 

Update 16:15 on 14 October 2010

I've read through a lot of the comments and think I owe the Internet an apology. My first impression of this show was confused. I got an email about a weather app that threw in commentary from a bunch of same-looking (mostly) white women about their cities? Or was it their lives? I couldn't tell.

For those who think I'm a racist, you're right! But for real, that promo is so one-note, and I couldn't imaging twelve people all sounding the same especially with the title "real" in it.

But, more than the race of the women, I just do not get this app, and I've watched a lot of videos, and they're all just really confusing and annoying. In one, Jordan from New Jersey interviews two friends: Sack Effron and Saco-o-jowea. Their heads are covered with paper bags for the entire video. Like sacks, see?

Oh I know I've made some crap video/art/things in my day, but I've never been so confused by an entire package that made zero sense. At all. Anyone else have the app? Now I want to know. Like, I really need to know what the backstory and point of this is. Please. Seriously?