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Think there's too much good TV? Here's another show for you: Black Mirror

Check out that baller illustration by Álvaro Domínguez!

Check out that baller illustration by Álvaro Domínguez!

No, I'm not recommending the show because it has the word "black" in its title. I discovered this show based on a friend recommendation. It's out of the UK. It's darkly satirical and deeply important as it paints a picture of the mildly distant future in which technology has had terrible effects on our society. I devoted my latest Fast Company column to it

Black Mirror is the perfect show for our times. We’ve created a self-fulfilling technologyadoption engine where things are faster, more connected, more immersive—and, presumably, relentlessly better. Watch Black Mirror and be reminded that we apply the word progress to undergird what is more objectively change.
— My words from elsewhere on the Internet. Yes I just quoted myself.

Here's a panel discussion with the show creator about the episode in question. Those of you in the UK can watch full episodes at 4oD