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Chinese news explains Leno v Conan late night battle perfectly

via And now I see why China will take over the world. At least I'll be able to understand my new overlords without learning their language. This was perfectly clear. Just make cool animations directing Americans where to report for fac...

The NEW Friendster will make you ASIAN!

via And if you're lucky, it will turn your life into a series of time lapse still photo cutout animation sequences. So is THIS how China takes over?

My Opening Monologue At The SXSW Web Awards (video)

via This video doesn't capture the slides I'm referring to. Those can be found here ( I recommend looking at them while you've got the video open. That wa...

Baratunde Hacks Skittles Via Twitter (#SXSW Web Awards Video)

via Thanks to David Plain for posting this video so those who missed it can get a feel for what went down last night. I'll post my own version, probably in a few weeks, with the slides directly integrated, but this should be funny enough...