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Boston Weekend: Shows and Office Hours

Hey kids. Couple things. I'm in Boston doing a few appearances this weekend, and I'm very excited to return to my creative home. For you Facebookers: info is in this event. Friday at The Comedy Studio Friday April 25th The Comedy Studio 1238 Mass Ave, 3rd Floor of the Hong Kong Harvard Square, Cambridge MA you should make reservations I'll probably head over to Cambridge 1 afterward to eat and sip on some wine and hold palaver Saturday Office Hours! Office Hours Return! Back in college, I used to host office hours in my dorm because I liked pretending I was a professor. It was a time for people who knew me but not each other could gather and unite over a common enemy. A few months back, I did the same thing in San Fran to a rousing success. I reconnected with old friends and both cracked and jailbroke my iPhone, so back in the town where it all started, I proudly present the return of Baratunde's Office Hours Saturday noon-4pm-ish Diesel Cafe, Davis Square, Somerville MA Saturday Night At Harvard What could be more fun than a Saturday night at an Ivy League university? How about a Saturday night at an Ivy League university during pre-frosh weekend overwhelmed by the swarm of acne-riddled high school seniors? That's what I'm talking about! Harvard Standup Comics Society 8-10pm Science Center C Admission: $1 Other things going on in my life. I've been on Comedy again talking about the PA primary. This was recorded before it happened I'm taking a vacation from my obsessive blogging of this election because I'm a bit exhausted and, yes, bitter. Read more here: Someone blew up a car on my street, taking out several other cars

[NP] Last Gig Before We Break Jesus's Heart

What's going down my people-united-will-never-be-defeated? It's been an eventful past few weeks. Hillary Clinton attacked Barack Obama for wanting to be president when he was in kindergarten. So much for encouraging black children to dream! Screw that little chilluns, just hope to be a rapper or ball player so the big bad calculating witch of the east doesn't smear you 40 years later. Oprah opened for Obama at a stadium in South Carolina. It was a beautiful thing to see, and Oprah was in top form giving the people what they wanted. She screamed and pointed, "Everybody look under your seats and check out your NEW. BLACK. PRESIDEEEEEEENT!!! And YOU get a black president! And YOU get a black president..." It was beautiful. Alan Keyes thinks he's still running for president. And I haven't been fired from the Onion yet. Good times all around. UPCOMING APPEARANCES / COOL EVENTS Tonight I'm doing my last NYC gig before the holy daze. We've got Joe Devito from Last Comic Standing on the bill. Come on down to: Don't Touch the Foot's 25th show! Thursday Dec 13th, 10pm Sage Theatre - 711 7th ave b/w 47th and 48th $10 and no drink minimum and for those i've abandoned in boston... This Friday and Saturday in Boston my friend and fellow comic Myq Kaplan is recording a new comedy CD The Comedy Studio @ the Hong Kong, 8pm PIECES OF ME YOU CAN DIGEST FROM YOUR DESK I continue to wear out the keys on my keyboard with word production. Here are some of the things worth seeing. My Last Weekly Dig Column. That's right. I'm retiring from the Dig. It's pretty hard to write a regular column for a Boston paper when you live in NYC. I tried. Andrew Young, I Hereby Revoke Your Black Card I'm really sick of played out civil rights leaders getting drunk off the haterade and questioning Obama's blackness. Andrew Young is in my crosshairs. Showtime at the Apollo, Featuring Barack Obama My perspective on seeing him live in Harlem New Video on YouTube My Comedy Central Open Mic Fight Regional Semifinal Set One of my most solid shows caught on tape. ATTN: FACEBOOK USERS I'm shutting down my Group on Facebook and replacing it with a Fan Page which oughta make it easier to follow my happenings. EVERYBODY ELSE Always check out for the latest happenings and remember to suggest cities or colleges where you want to see me perform. In January, I'll be in DC a few times and out in Cali at Pomona College! demand me

[NP] From the BBC to Burlington to the Black Comedy Project

Hey fam, Mad announcements and whatnot. SHOWS tonight, Wednesday October 24 - LAUGHING LIBERALLY LAB The Tank, 179 Church St b/w Franklin & White 8pm. only $5 I have TWO FREE COMPS (reply if you want them) tomorrow, Thursday October 25 - DON'T TOUCH THE FOOT I host this show almost every Thursday The Sage Theatre, 711 7th Ave b/w 47th & 48th 10pm, $10 and no drink min show happens NEXT THURSDAY as well saturday October 27 with singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley Radio Bean in BURLINGTON VERMONT 8 N Winooski Ave 802-660-9346 9pm FREE ANNOUNCEMENTS - I have joined forces with some incredible comedians as we attempt to redefine or expand the definition of Black comedy beyond Comic View-ish acts. It's a real privilege to be joining up with folks like Elon James White, Baron Vaughn, Hannibal (yes, HANNIBAL) and others. We're all different shades of black, and we're excited about the project, which is an attempt to push an ongoing discussion of what black comedy is and highlight where you can find it. Check us out - i made it to the semi-finals of the Boston Comedy Festival, my best showing ever. it was fun - This past Monday I was interviewed on the BBC World Service, broadcast around the globe. Check it out - This Fri/Sat I'll be in Boston for part of Podcamp Boston. Holla if you're gonna be there WRITINGS - Escape from the T, my Weekly Dig Column this week - Tis the Season to Claim Black Inferiority ENDS

[NP] Happy 9/11 to Me. Back Up Your Hard Drive. Return to NPR and more

Happy nine eleven to me. Happy nine eleven to me. Happy nine eleeeeven to meeeeee. Happy nine eleven to me. To celebrate, I think I'll invade Iran under false pretenses. What is UP, my people. The past week, I've gotten more web traffic than in my entire life. When it rains, it pours chocolate rain apparently. First up, today is my birthday. So celebrate dagnabbit! I'm 30. Woohoo. ********** SUPER IMPORTANT ONE THING TO READ *********** Second, back up your hard drive, now. Then do it again. Last Friday I posted a blog about losing 1 terabyte of data including some recordings of my extraordinary mother. I do not want this to happen to anyone else. Even the White House. Yesterday, this story made the front page of a site called Reddit which aggregates news from across the web. That sent some crazy traffic my way. Today, it made the front page of and has already more than doubled yesterday's traffic. ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ******* Third, it is my birthday, so celebrate. I'm talkin to you, Northwest Passage. Fourth, I'm returning to NPR's News & Notes next Wednesday September 19th for the blogger roundtable. It airs life at 1pm ET, so tune in. Fifth, my Boston people. Be sure to grab a copy of the Weekly Dig tomorrow. My column is running. Also, save the dates October 7 and October 9. I'll be in town all week for the Boston Comedy Festival. October 7th is my preliminary competition round. October 9th I'll be hosting a show of some funny Harvard comedians called Harvard SUCS (Stand Up Comedy Society) Now really, back up your data. Now. As always, if you can think of places I should be performing, let me know, or let them know to let me know, or something like that. Yall are great. This past year has been incredible. And now, my traditional birthday video

[NP] Immorality in Las Vegas

Hello again dear NewsPhlashers, "Good news, good news!" (said in the voice of Boss Hog for those who know what's up). Life's been kind of blurry lately. Let me try to put some things in focus for this here edition. Artist Cross-Promotion: Mieka Pauley On a regular basis, I try to promote folks in my life who are doing big things. Mieka Pauley is one of them. This singer/songwriter is finishing up her next album, and you can pre-order it over here. She's also doing a FREE concert in NYC tonight at 5pm. Yes, there is free entertainment in New York that doesn't involve hustlers on the subway. I will be there, so my NYC people should roll through, hear some great music and catch up. Rockwood Music Hall - 5pm - FREE Tuesday Aug 28 196 Allen Street New York City 10002 212.477.4155 between E. Houston and Stanton take the F and V subway to 2nd ave NPR, Huffington Post and Black Weblog Awards, Oh My! Last week, I made my NPR debut on Farai Chideya's News & Notes. It was so much fun, and it sounds like I'll be invited back in the future. I've posted the audio and a lil post-game analysis on my blog Between the Dig column, my blog and hate letters to Rudy Giuliani, I've been writing my butt off. Sleep has been in short supply, but how can you sleep when the president finally acknowledges that Iraq is just like Vietnam. I fired off a piece for Huffington Post last Friday, and it hit the front page of the site! You know you want to read something titled, "iraq is to vietnam as dubya is to wtf!?!?" It's got over 100 comments on Huff Post, and is one of my favorite things I've written in a while. Oooh, and this is just flattering. I'm a finalist for the Black Blogger Achievement Award. Not sure what I win, but winning things is nice, so help push me to the top, and vote in that bad boy. Vegas, Baby New York is a great place to be, but it's about 10 times more stressful than Boston. I spent the weekend chillin out in Vegas with some of my boyz, and I know that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but I assure you the most immoral thing I did was shop at Walmart. I just can't feel clean after that. Upcoming Gigs Two NYC gigs lined up for next week That's about it for now. I'm kind of at war with Facebook and all these social network sites that are bleeding me for time and attention. Stay tuned for some cool new stuff on to help us all remain a happy Internet-mediated family Peace out.

[NP] NYC Move, Me & Obama, NPR Next Week (plus MoJos)

Folks, this is a super massive NewsPhlash with awesome updates. I'm not sure what the biggest news actually is, so read it all. First off, I have a bangin new website. You know my motto. Get hits or die tryin. So definitely, definitely check out the newness. There are still some places to round out with more info, but things should be much more accessible now. Me & Obama The Yearly Kos convention was a blast. I got to perform, opening up for Howard Dean. I also met and challenged Barack Obama on his support for coal, and was quoted in the Sunday New York Times. Seriously. Check it out in my latest Dig column. Excerpt here:
After the debate, each candidate held a Q&A session in a small room. I chose Obama. People ran to his room to get a seat. Ran. After witnessing firsthand the misplaced devotion of thousands who camped out for the iPhone, I was genuinely proud of my fellow Americans for caring enough to exert themselves in the name of democracy.
Afterward, Obama said to me, "Apparently, you're somebody I need to know." Not bad for the press kit. August 22, I'll be on NPR and performing in NYC I'm on National Public Radio next week. August 22nd. The show is News & Notes, hosted by Farai Chideya, and I'll be part of a black blogger roundtable discussing news and views of the day. It is broadcast live at 1pm ET. It's a really great show, so tune in. Same day, I'm performing standup at Laughing Liberally Lab The Tank in Tribeca 279 Church St b/w Franklin & White (all Canal Street stops are close) Oh yeah: I now live in New York City. I'll still be spending a lot of time in Boston though, so cry not my Beaners (actually, that's Carlos Mencia's show), Beantowners. I've started a New York Life category on my blog to chronicle the experience. Very excited. I'm here to hustle. Goal is for me to blow up before the city does. Ouchie doo doo. Too real? Possibly. Next! Video Interviews from Yearly Kos While at Yearly Kos, I had a chance to interview some cool folks:
  • I already shared my interview with activist Mike Stark. Here is the video he promised
  • James Rucker, from is now up discussing the situation in Jena, LA
  • Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report has been posted in a three-part series on diversity, immigration and more
Other coolnesses
  • Someone put me in Wikipedia
  • A friend has designed some Baratunde for President shirts. His idea. Not mine, but support em if you like em. I think they're cool
  • I taped a small part in a sketch to be aired on a new Comedy Central show called The Watchlist made by homeys Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad
  • Friend and comic Myq Kaplan won the wildcard Internet voting round in the Comedy Central Open Mic Fights. Thanks for voting him in
Momentary Jokes
  • Chinese manufacturers have shipped nearly 19 million lead-tainted toys to America's children. Thus begins the invasion.
  • An NYPD study on homegrown terrorism concluded that "average citizens who band together and adopt radical ways pose a growing threat to American security." Forget al Qaeda. It's the Amish we gotta watch.
  • A US soldier paid $500 for someone to shoot him in the leg so he would not have to return to Iraq. Too bad the Iraqi people don't have that option.
  • According to USA Today, many American seniors are retiring to Mexico due to its improved climate and lower cost of living. Seems like a fair trade to me. America gets the young laborers and Mexico gets our tired, our poor and our huddled masses. Nice.
  • Rudy Giuliani's daughter supports Obama for president. What they didn't tell you is that she also supports Obama for "Dad."

[NP] I'm Writing for Huffington Post, plus more cool ish

This is a seriously exciting time, my people! In this issue
  • I start writing for Huffington Post
  • Yet another hot column in the Weekly Dig
  • Comedy Central bestows official comedianness upon me
  • I get accepted into the Boston Comedy Festival
  • My website and blog get upgraded
  • Other words
Huffington Post Folks, all my dreams are coming true! Sounds corny as hell, but they are. I dreamed of writing for the Weekly Dig and now have a column. I've admired Huffington Post for a minute and am now one of their bloggers. As with much comedy, my first post their is born of tragedy. See the result in How My Barber Made Me Feel Like a Republican, and be sure to read the comments too. I even have my own profile page on Huff Post which will link to everything I write for them. Bookmark that joint! Excerpt:
I've had the same barber for about the same amount of time that Bush has been president, and like many Republicans, I am loyal despite numerous embarrassing moments and outright failures. I can't pinpoint why I've been so loyal. There's something about the person who's in charge of your hair that engenders a sense of trust, loyalty and guilt at the notion of going to someone else.
Weekly Dig Column I've been writing for the Dig for seven months, and this week is column number 15, Baratunde feels the burn. Here's an excerpt:
Our journey begins, as any real Boston journey should, at a Dunkin’ Donuts. This one is at Prospect Street and Somerville Ave. I’ll never be a real New Englander because I hate most things about Dunkin’ Donuts. The donuts suck, and the “coffee” is just liquified sugar. There are a few redeeming qualities in this particular location, however. First, it’s open 24 hours and serves as the second bathroom for my apartment.
Comedy Central hath comicked me I'm in the Comedy Central directory of comedians! I exist! By the way, thanks for all who rolled to the Open Mic Fight competition last week in Boston. I did not make it to the next round, but I had a badass set. It was one of my best ever, and it was a real honor to work with so many of the Boston acts I respect. Congrats to the winner Pat Bocuzzi and the runner up, Myq Kaplan . Yall will have a chance to vote for Myq in a few weeks online. I'll ket ya know Boston Comedy Festival Last year, I turned in my application late. Not this year. I'm proud to announce I'll be performing/competing in the Boston Comedy Festival this year. I've already been given the date of my round, so mark it up in your calendars, or just link here where you can download it into your calendar directly Boston Comedy Festival Prelim Round 1 October 7, 2007 Dick's Beantown Comedy Vault @ Remington's 124 Boylston St 8pm New Website Emerging Over the past two weeks, I've been moving webhosting companies and decided to change up my blog software as well. Last night, I went a little crazy and decided to move most of my stuff into the blog system too. It's not finished, but it's getting close. You'll find a smoother way to hear/see the podcast and eventually more. Click around and let me know what you think. Other Words check it out!

[NP] Huuuuge New York and Boston shows in next 7 days

my people. united. will never be defeated. i'm not sure what that means in this context, but just listen up. - Big NYC show this Saturday - Big Boston show Tuesday - Cool writing project to share --------------------------------- Big Fancy NYC Show Saturday July 7 --------------------------------- My New York people, I have a special treat for you this Saturday. I'll be performing with some great Boston standup comics at the Broadway Comedy Club. If EVER there were a show for you NYC folk to see, this is the one. We're trying to get a huge crowd to make the taping as best as possible. "Did you say taping?" Why yes I did, this show is being pitched to several TV networks, and I'm asking you to be a part of it. The sooner you can make your reservations, the better. Reservations, like race, matter. Try to get yours in by Wednesday. please call 212-252-4255 to get your tix or buy online at it's $12 with reservation and $15 at the door there is a 2 drink min share this event with your NYC peoples SATURDAY JULY 7, 7pm Fresh Faces of Boston Broadway Comedy Club 318 W. 51st St, New York, NY --------------------------------- Big Fancy Boston Show Tuesday July 10 --------------------------------- As I mentioned in the last NewsPhlash, I've made it to the regional round of Comedy Central's "Open Mic Fight." Come out and support some great Boston area comics TUESDAY JULY 7, 8pm The Comedy Connection - Boston 1 Fanneuil Hall (2nd Floor Quincy Market) Boston, MA You get get tickets ($15) at --------------------------------- - Cool writing project to share --------------------------------- Since last fall, I have been blogging as "Jack Turner" on the political blog, "Jack & Jill Politics." It's a black perspective on U.S. politics, and I've realized there's no huge need for anonymity, so the veil hath been lifted. On the site, you can find some unique, insightful and occasionally ground-breaking commentary and analysis on the U.S. political scene that might not be represented in more mainstream political blogs. I'm proud of all the work up on that site from me and the other contributors who put in even more time: Jill Tubman, rikyrah and dNA. Here's a recent article I cross-posted to Jack and Jill from my own goodCRIMETHINK Incarcerex (video) or check out Jill Tubman's great analysis Impressions of Tavis Smiley's All-American Presidential Forum I will start cross-posting my Jack Turner posts on my own blog, but please visit Jack & Jill Politics regularly. As this presidential campaign seasons heats up and the country continues to forget about Katrina and other issues important to black folks, J&J is a good place to be. ------------ That's all for now. Hopefully, I've given up something for everyone. My New York people, I'll see you Saturday. My Boston people, next Tuesday it's going down. My new friends from Campus Progress (big up Salt Lake City), you've got some new writing of mine to dig at Jack & Jill Politics. Special Treat for those who got this far. Photo of me and M1, half of the political hip hop duo, dead prez. peace. i'm out. == comedian, author & vigilante pundit a/k/a "baratunde" on myspace, facebook, twitter, yelp and more brought to you by Kingly Companion Media, LLC

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[NP] comedy central competition, boston weekend, etc.

yo my peoples

This past Sunday I had what I'll call a rockstar moment. I was eating at the All Star Sandwich Shop in Inman Sq, Cambridge, Mass. HIGHLY recommended, BTW. Anyways, I handed the waitress my credit card. She looked at it, and yelled, "YOU WRITE FOR THE DIG!"

I was like, "Why yes, yes I do." :)

And she went on, "I LOVE your column. It's always so funny. I was gonna write them a letter. I know they've had a lot of management changes, but I want them to keep you."

I said to her, "You just made my day."

Her response: "You made mine."

Wow. It feels great to have my name recognized like that by someone who has no other connection to me other than a love of great sandwiches (on in her case, a love of paychecks). Thanks to all yall for continuing to read the emails, watch the videos, support the shows and occasionally do what I tell you (like clicking on things and writing letters to your political reps). It means a lot.

Now for some News, right!?


I'm a regional finalist in this Comedy Central competition called Open Mic Fights. The video I submitted was the same one YouTube made a Pick of the Day. More info will come later but for now, save July 10 in Boston for the live show.

Check out and see fellow Boston comic Myq Kaplan in the video clip


Friday and Saturday night
Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway
255 Elm St, Davis Square

Sunday night
6:30 - 9:30
I'm hosting a fundraiser for the Boston Firefly Project (Boston's Amnesty Int'l group)

details on all shows


This is the sketch group I occasionally perform or write with. Unfortunately, I put human rights above my creative commitments. Their next show is also Sunday night. Far be it for me, however, to assume we all have the same priorities.

Seriously, this sunday's sketch show will be great, and I'm sad to miss it. You don't have to.

the comedy studio at the Kong


I'm MCing the kickoff party for this great event. I get to share the stage with M1 from Dead Prez, yall! My life is so hot!!
Monday in DC. Sadly the conference is completely sold out, so you can't go, but check out the info anyway.
Other folks at the conference include Van Jones, Seymour Hersch and Nancy Pelosi



the former New York mayor won't let us forget that he is the former New York mayor. His campaign is: "The terrorists want to kill you." That's his plan for America. Here is a guy who, unlike the president, did not completely drop the ball on 9.11, and now considers himself a hero. Whoop-de-friggin'-doo. Hey, I didn't crap my pants on 9.11. Does that qualify me to be president?

read the whole thing here

that's about all for now folks.
I've got some new video up on the blog (and in the podcast feed shortly) from my Iowa State gig. watch the screaming people go nuts over my jokes. it's kinda weird. they were a little too excited, like they'd never seen a fro before. I also have some more NYC stuff plus Chicago and possibly even Seattle.

stay tuned, and remember, Rudy Giuliani is an asshole.

[NP] A weekend at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge

photo by lotje via Flickr




Hey folksies, I've got shows tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night in Boston.

The Comedy Studio in Harvard Sq
(third floor of the Hong Kong Restaurant)

buy tickets
8pm at 1238 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA 02139

Also, I'm in a movie, sort of, ok not really, but check it out anyway

go in peace, my children

Baratunde Thurston