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Why I Love YouTube - Damned Idiotic Users

Months ago, someone posted on one of my standup videos that I was a "dumbass libral crackhead welfare sucker." I loved that so much, I added it to my press kit. Now the ante has been raised. I just got this via YouTube email
Subject: sUP
You look hideous in your profile picture (very low and thin forehead (resulting in a very small cranial space which in turn results in a much smaller then average brain size and from the looks of it possible mental retardation) ape-face and a simian shelf jaw) perhaps this could explain all the hollering and dancing around like a retard- you dont even look human, sorry to tell you but someone was bound to say this. This is what you look like barantunde. Also, I should add, you have NO NECK. Couldnt amount to being more then a comic? SHIT
There are a lot of stupid people, and the Internet gives all of them the tools to express themselves. Also, dude misspelled my name.

Derrick Ashong Returns, Asks Us To Participate In Open Mic Politics

cross-posted to Jack & Jill Politics Well, Derrick is at it again. I guess I can stop claiming him since YouTube has sort of set this brotha on another level with his two videos so far. (For anyone new to the Internet, Derrick answered a man-on-the-street question about Obama a few weeks back, and that video is near 600,000 on YouTube now, plus his response is over 170,000). So what's next? Rather than create some punditocratous platform for himself (I kid because I love :)), he's hoping to demonstrate that he's not alone among young voters willing to spit substance about their stance on a candidate or issue. Every week, citizens will upload their statements and submit to a voting process. The winner will get a $100 donation made to their candidate, and hopefully we all get a more informed, articulate election year discourse. Check the new video, and then Take Back The Mic

I Inherited An iPhone That Was Run Over By A Car (Updated)

Update (Saturday 18:00 PT): I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY UNLOCKED MY JOINT! Oh this ups my geek ego a notch. Photos to come later  I successfully avoided iPhone hype for many months. I have several beefs with the device, including its exclusive attachment to NSA Telecom (aka Deathstar Telecom (aka AT&T)). After using the iPod touch, I've softened on my hate and like the interface and smooth Mac syncing. I've often said I'd get an iPhone if it was free. Lo and behold, on my visit (appropriately enough) to San Francisco, a co-worker dropper her iPhone out of her car, and it was subsequently run over by another car! And despite looking like it survived Fallujah, the damn thing works perfectly. I paid her a modest fee for the device and am now going about the business of liberating it from AT&T. Will let you know how it goes later. Meanwhile, check out this video I made at the office featuring the phone, a temp and the original owner, Kim Bach Le.

My Boy Derrick Ashong Holds It DOWN For Obama and Intelligence

proudly cross-posted to Jack & Jill Politics What a great video! Derrick and I went to college together and have worked on mad projects including the Sweet Mother Tour. He's a member of the award-winning band Soulfege, and clearly knows how to handle himself on camera. The interviewer clearly started off thinking he was gonna catch some uneducated Barack supported who connected only because of "emotion," but Derrick made that interviewer look like a fool and all of us look good. He got waaaaay beyond the talking points and ultimately earned the respect of the interviewer. Oh, and Derrick lives in California, so he was holding it down for black voters out there at least :) Thanks to JJP commenter jstele for pointing this out. Enjoy.
Update: a followup video from Derrick explaining how the interview went down, among other things.

Some Quick Thoughts - One Is Mean

cross-posted to Jack & Jill PoliticsI'm in a California hotel after giving a talk to students at the Five Colleges consortium in Claremont. (great students BTW).I turned on Anderson Cooper, and he had Claire McCaskill and Stephanie Tubbs Jones on talking about Obama and Clinton, respectively. Tubbs Jones tried to act like Florida was such a big deal, blah blah.Then it occurred to me what really bothers me about her:Stephanie Tubbs Jones doesn't close her mouth when she's not speaking. Look! 
 There's just something not right about that. That's all I have to say in the mean department.Elsewhere in thought land, I kicked it with a group from the school for several hours, and someone mentioned an idea I hadn't even considered.If Barack Obama used gender against Clinton in the way she used race against him, he'd be dead. Her folks calculated that you could dis black folks who stand at only 12 percent of the population. He can't rightly dis over 50 percent of the electorate. Nasty.I'm gonna be on a TV-less plane during the one -on-one debate tonight, so yall have to watch and take good notes for me!