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Be In A Movie With Patton Oswalt, Directed By Former Onion Editor-In-Chief (NYC)

Craigslist has the full info. Here are some deets
We are currently shooting a movie in NYC, "Big Fan", starring Patton Oswalt and Michael Rapaport. It's a realistic comedy about football fans. We need to fill up a sports bar in Staten Island this Wednesday and Thursday (April 16 and 17) with Philadelphia Eagles fans for a big scene. Can you make it to the set to perform as an extra, for one or both days? We need to have people there from 9:30 am until 7 pm. We need the most people on Wednesday, but if you can make it both days, that's great. If you could spread the word to all of your friends, that's great too. Everyone is welcome! If you have any Eagles jackets/jerseys/caps, please wear them to the shoot. If you don't have any clothing, come anyway, we'll have something for you to wear. Thank you! I hope to see you at Sharkey's Bar this Wednesday!

Hear My Olympic Torch And Ari Fleischer Jokes From Last Night

Last night, I did a set at The Tank in NYC as part of Laughing Liberally Lab. Fellow comic Elon James White has decided to podcast, like everything in his comedic life and posted my set up. I was pretty proud of the opening jokes, both new and untested. In fact, I got some positive feedback on the Olympic torch joke yesterday afternoon via Twitter friend anjibee, so thanks for focus grouping my material Anji! You can subscribe to the radioTANK podcast here. Or listen directly right here:

Baratunde Rants About March Madness on Comedy Central.... .com

Lewis Black's new Root Of All Evil show also has a VH1-talking-head-style web component. I went in last week to tape a segment about March Madness. I told them I didn't really know about or care about basketball, and they were like, "That's fine. Work with it." So I did. Turns out most of the comics shared my apathy. It's a really funny segment. Check it out. You can also find it and any other Comedy Central stuff I do on my comedian page at