In answer to “How black are you?”

…but apparently not enough for others.

Here are some of the reasons that I’m not black enough:

  • I don’t talk “black” enough for some people. 
  • I think that most hip hop music is trash (which propbably has more to do with my age than my authenticity, but there you are).
  • I voted for Barack Obama, but would have preferred Dennis Kucinich.
  • I’m a cop
  • I’m a Lutheran
  • I am comfortable in two languages besides English, and neither of them are African.
  • I am aware of their slave-holding, yet I remain convinced that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were great men.
  • I don’t gnaw chicken bones (this drove one of my aunt’s nuts when I was a kid)
  • I can’t play basketball… not even a little.

Oh, there are more things, but that is just a thumbnail sketch.  I really would like to see whoever it is who is in charge of authorizing people to be black enough.  I think that the criteria needs a change or two.  I wish I could see this person now, but I have to go and take my daughter to her Girl Scout meeting… which is just another reason for some.