In answer to the Day 1 Question “When Did You First Realize You Were Black (or X)?”

I first realized I was black when I moved to the C-Port (Savannah, GA)

I’ve always been the “black girl” of my various groups of friends growing up but it never really stood out to me because my friends were always a hodge-podge of all kinds of kids from all walks of life and we just accepted each other as we were. As a military brat, I’ve been fortunate to live in many different places among many different races and cultures which have undoubtedly help mold me into the creature that I am today. Well, I always knew that I was slightly different from other black people: I loved rock music, they liked rap. I loved playing guitar, they liked dancing. I spoke “white”, they spoke “black”…or whatever that even means. This difference between me and other black people really hit home when my family moved down to Savannah, GA from Upstate New York and I entered a predominately black high school. From the moment that I stepped foot on that campus I was viewed as some kind of alien and told on a pretty regular basis that I wasn’t really black or that I don’t know what it means to be black. Yea….I guess I need to read this book to check if I’m getting it right or not.