In answer to the Day 2 Question “How ____ Are You?”

They call me curly

I have really curly hair.  Very very curly hair.  My dad had black curly hair that looked like a serious afro in the 70s.  One time in high school I heard the family story that black Moors from Spain were shipwrecked off Ireland and swam ashore and intermarried with the Irish.  Thus, our curly hair.  I got very excited about this when I got to college and saw many more actual black people looking very beautiful and saying cool things about white privilege.  I happened to go to Kenya for my semester abroad and loved the African people I spent time with there.  Then I moved to DC and guys on the street would whistle and say, hey you’ve got black in you!  I felt special.  It’s taken me another 20 years to realize that I am not black.  I do not have and never have had the experience of being black.  (but I’ll never stop loving Gospel music.)