In answer to the Day 5 Question “How’s That Post-Racial Thing Working Out For Ya?”

I am half black, half white.  My half brothers who are the same, think, “You’re not black enough.” 

Life is mostly good, but I tend to question people and how genuine they are.  Most of them seem quite genuine.  Every now and then someone slips up and says/does something that feels… wrong.  A lot of popular culture now-a-days borrows from hip-hop and black culture, so to hear someone say, “nigga,” I feel a little wrong.

I’m no longer on the, “omg the guy who doesn’t look black, or something, said the n word,” side to the .. “that guy doesn’t realise what we went through growing up, cultural divides even in the community.  why’s he mocking it?”

The african american community seems to have accepted me more now that hip-hop has transitioned away from guns and gangs, violence and gats, to success and fabulousness.  I dress in a sweater, jeans and some adidas with curly hair?  That’s not weird.  That’s hip!