This is the guy and the girl (with the black coat walking outside) who stole my Macbook Air on Friday October 25th in Williamsburg at Brickhouse Pizzeria. I walked out for about 4 min, realized I’d left it and these people hijacked a bag that didn’t belong to them. I’m a native New Yorker and I’ve returned wallets, bags, and seen other people’s stuff returned. What kind of person doesn’t yell down the street “Hey, you left your bag!”…these kind.

Brickhouse is providing me and the police video as well so I’ll be posting that too. Please share.

I spend my time working on helping networks and communities function more effectively to get meaningful stuff done, so I feel pretty certain that we can find these two friends of friends of friends (I can’t be more than 3 degrees removed if they use the internet and live in NYC) and get them to give back the bag they “accidentally” picked up. The bag has loads of stickers in it with my company logo so that’s why I attached a photo of that too.