In response to “Has Anyone Ever Questioned Your Authentic Blackness?”

WHAT ARE YOU?!  I am a lighter skinned black woman. I would say golden brown, some would say yellow. I get this question from black people mainly, the other races dont care what kind of black person I am they just know I am black. My own race feels the need to have a category for me. According to them I dont have the features of a “regular” black person. My hair can be tight and curly (still not easily managed), to long and straight. In regular black people world that is not normal, or so they think. The fact that I find other ways to straighten my hair without a relaxer is also not normal according to them. My eyes are also shaped similar to an almond, or according to them they are Asian like. And when you add all these not “normal” features of black people together I must be of another race.

I find this disturbing because most black people in America don’t know where they came from, but interrogate me often because of my appearance although we are all the same people.