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Spit with 23andme and iheartradio

SPIT is an iHeartRadio podcast with 23andMe where we explore how DNA is changing our lives and the world around us. Each episode features musicians, scientists, and other experts. We’ve taken on diabetes with Tim McGraw and Tracey Brown, CEO of the American Diabetes Association; race with John Legend and 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki; and mental health and suicide with Mike Shinoda and Dr. Gail Saltz, PhD.


#TellBlackStories (with Color of Change)

The #TellBlackStories podcast is an extension of Color of Change’s work to change the rules in Hollywood, and an entire media landscape, to ensure accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people. Baratunde hosts the first season from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, sitting with creative professionals like Ava Duvernay, Stanley Nelson, Deniese Davis, and more.