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Joe The Plumber and Sarah Palin Would Make The World's Most Ignorant Baby

cross-posted to Every time one of these idiots opens his or her mouth, I can't help but think they are meant for each other. The ignorance is simply astounding. Joe was interviewed by a Tufts University freshman and had all sorts of stupidness to say. On his future sugar mama and running mate
Q: As a Republican, do you feel that Gov. Sarah Palin was the right vice-presidential selection? A: Honestly, I think she shines too much. I think vice president no, president definitely. She has moral values. She has a record of change that ... John McCain had supposedly … Sarah was actually too big of a personality, too big of a person to be vice president.
On the "death of Israel" comment. Warning: you will be much dumber after reading this.
Q: You have stated that a vote for Obama is a vote for “the death of Israel.” Could you please elaborate on what you meant by that claim? A: I will elaborate and tell you how it came about. It was incredible ... We were at a pub, and out of nowhere a gentleman of Jewish descent appeared. He asked a very good question, and you could see the emotion on his face. I was told that I did not have to answer his question because that would create quite the stir in the media’s eyes. If I am going to tout that I am going to be for the [average person], I absolutely had to answer the question. Being a Christian, I had to answer that. Obama has declared openly that he would meet with the president of Iran. The president of Iran has made many statements [about] turning Israel into a parking lot, which is the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard. The hate [from Iran] is there, and that’s factual and not rhetoric. They teach their children over there nursery rhymes about killing Jews. For a president to sit there and say that “I will meet with no terms and actually have terms dictated back to us” scares me. Obama has been closely linked to many terrorists. Again this is not rhetoric; [these are] facts that the media did not want to bring out. Rasheed Kahalidi being amongst one of them, and there are nine or 10 others … These close ties scare me. As far as Obama getting into office with his ties and with the fact that he is willing to be dictated to by a known terrorist — [that] scares me for Israel. There are many more reasons, but those are the big ones.
My favorite part: "and out of nowhere a gentleman of Jewish descent appeared. He asked a very good question, and you could see the emotion on his face." Sounds like he's saying Jesus made him say this foolishness . Finally:
Q: Why do you and so many other Americans find the words “spread the wealth around” so troubling? A: Well, I am fairly well read and have read Karl Marx’s work, and spread the wealth around is something that he mentions quite often. If you look up the word [socialism] in [Webster’s] Dictionary, the definition may not mention “spread the wealth,” but community work and sharing of goods all plays into it. Obama’s health-care plan is a very socialist experiment. [Obama’s plans] all revolve around socialism, and that’s what scares me about it.
What scares me about people like Joe, despite the fact that Obama won, is that he's being given a platform and actually takes himself seriously. He thinks his quarter-baked political and philosophical ideas are worth listening to. He believes what he's saying and that what he's saying has real value and should be heard by others. The most annoying thing: I'm complicit in it! I felt the need to write this post about Joe The Ignorant. He's like a booger I can't stop picking.

My Comment Piece In The UK Independent On Obama's Ability To Unify

Full piece here Excerpt:
The polling is clear. Obama has a steady national lead. More importantly, he is leading in the handful of states whose electoral votes actually matter including four states that voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. John McCain had hoped to make California competitive. Instead he finds himself ahead by only two points in his home state of Arizona, forced to commit resources and to start running deceptive automated phone calls in a desperate attempt to prevent an embarrassing loss. Assuming he wins, what can we expect from Barack Obama. Can he unite the country as he's promised? He will have his work cut out. The divisions in America run deep racially and politically, but there can and will be progress, if not total resolution. A friend and fellow comedian who produces a video series called "This Week In Blackness" spoke with me about the oft-repeated concept of a "post-racial" America. The notion is that we will have won the War On Racism by electing Obama and once and for all healed America's racial divide. Claims of employment discrimination, systematic imprisonment and economic segregation could be met with, "But you have a black president." The country could finally move on to more pressing matters, like selecting the next flavour of Coca Cola. This simple resolution will not happen. In fact, Obama's mere candidacy (and the reaction of his opponents to it) have exacerbated that racial divide in small but poignant ways. Obama has tapped into hope, but he has also triggered a backlash of fear from the more ignorant realms of our society.
As usual, Bring it for Barack

Obama Supporters, Don't Get Comfortable. Fight On! Contribute!

I wanted to post this on Jack & Jill Politics, but our site is down due to shenanigans at Media Temple. Good thing the ol' is still in effect! Here's an excellent YouTube video to remind you of the perils of overconfidence. I know many of us have been working our asses off and feel good about where we are what with the apparent implosion of McPalin in a different way each day. Don't sleep. This election is not over.   The votes have yet to be counted (and in several states, Democratic votes are flipping to GOP). I urge you all to give what you can in whatever way you can. My fellow bloggers at Jack & Jill Politics have set a fundraising goal of $5,000 and are at $1,900. Please give what you can there. Fellow New Yorkers, please help out with the "Last Call For Change" effort to contact people and get out the vote in battleground states. It requires no money, just a modest commitment of time. If you want some fun, come to the Latinos for Obama comedy fundraiser at Gotham Comedy Club tomorrow night. We'll break midway to watch the Obama 30 minute TV special. Everyone else, check out the Voter Suppression Wiki for ways you can help safeguard your votes and the votes of others. In particular, check out this Action Center page and actually complete the steps. It will make a difference. That's the point of this campaign. It's time for us to get involved, so git!

My Submission For McCain's "I Am Joe The Plumber" Video Contest

cross-posted to jack and jill politics, daily kos and more Thirty minutes ago, I heard about this "I'm Joe The Plumber" 30 second video contest sponsored by the McCain campaign. Not that we're in the middle of two wars and a massive economic crisis or anything. Considering the farce of Joe and the downright silliness of McCain's campaign, I just had to submit my own video. Please see the impact of the candidate's tax policy for yourself at