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I’m Baratunde and this is the home of my work on Living While Black, a TED talk and more. Here you’ll find

  • My 2019 TED talk: “How to deconstruct racism one headline at a time”

  • Video of an unplanned moment on the TED stage just after my talk

  • An opportunity to support me and my work

  • The process and data behind the talk

  • (In development) Updates on Living While Black beyond the talk

 The TED Talk

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As I left the stage, TED curator Helen Walters kept me up to ask one question I didn’t know was coming.

The Data

Every headline in the talk is sourced from a verified news account. I used Airtable to organize them and have embedded a simplified view of all the unique cases I’ve captured so far. The complete repository is available for your viewing or downloading.

The Process

I initially built this project for a performance at the XOXO Festival in September 2018 in Portland, Oregon. With help from Color of Change, I expanded my own collection of headlines by adding their research. I partnered with the creative community platform, Glitch, to make a playable prototype of one level of the game. That version is still live and playable.

In preparation for my April 2019 TED Talk, I further expanded and honed the data set using this Airtable as the repository.

I plan to continue updating the data repository and a few more light sets of analysis. I’m open to other ideas as well, so head to the Contact page if you have ideas to share. If you want to support this work and more that I’m creating, consider joining my membership community.

Support my work . Help me cater to people, not algorithms or network executives.

Support my work. Help me cater to people, not algorithms or network executives.