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testing n95 embed

i've been loaned a nokia n95 by the wonderful and generous anthony citrano i don't have much time to learn how to use it. can't seem to make the device remember the wifi password, so when I try to live stream with qik it prompts me for the code. not an iphone keyboard on this thing. digit tapping! anyway, i managed to stream this on horribly choppy fashion over at&t's edge network. once it was all uploaded it's a pretty usable clip

Need Help With Feedburner + Wordpress. Can't Burn Valid Feed

(1) feed i'm trying to burn (2) feedvalidator says it's ok but (3) here's feedburner not letting me burn it
The URL you entered does not appear to be a valid feed. We encountered the following problem: Unknown feed format encountered (The root element is [Element: <html/>])
I hate posting all my tech questions to my blog, but feedburner doesn't seem to offer any support whatsoever. They have a Google Group. That's all. I've tried using and They all result in the unhelpful cryptic message above. Other info that might be of use? The blog software is installed at /blog but i have the public address as / Could there be something in the .htaccess file? Thanks to anyone who can hook me up. We have lots of RSS subscribers, and I don't want them to lose out.

Facebook Privacy Violation: Secret Group Activity is Public!

I have also posted this inside a facebook discussion forum

this is a warning/plea for help

i created a secret group which means
"The group will not appear in search results or in the profiles of its members. Membership is by invitation only, and only members can see the group information and content."


I posted to a discussion forum and to the wall in this group. In both cases, the fact that I posted, the topic of my post and the name of the group were all revealed in my minifeed on my profile page. I confirmed that all this information is visible by friends of mine who are not members of the secret group.

What's the point of making a group secret, if your activity in it is blasted to the public? Does FB not know what secret means? This is a terrible violation.

BREAKING: Now *I'm* Leaving Yahoo And I Don't Even Work There

Wow! What a week for Yahoo!! So many people are leaving. The founder of delicious is the latest to announce, but rats have been fleeing this ship all week long. Now there's an intense reorganization afoot. Before any more announcements, speculation or rumor, I feel obligated to announce that I too will be leaving Yahoo! No, I'm not a Yahoo! executive. No, I've never worked for the company. However, that doesn't mean I can't see the writing on the wall. I'm out. I will continue to not be an executive at this company in crisis. This has not been an easy decision for me. I consulted with my friends and family, though, and it's clear. It's time for me to move on.

Me And My Kindle In Silicon Alley Insider

Earlier this week, I was taking the A train home, reading my Kindle, when a man sat next to me saying, "Well I'll be damned" or something very much like that.

It was his first sighting of the e-book reader "in the wild," and he wanted to ask me about it. Having just received the device a week ago Friday, I didn't have extensive experience, but I love what I've seen so far: easy access to books, the built in dictionary and Wikipedia access, the awesome readability especially versus the iPhone.

The man on the train was Dan Frommer with Silicon Alley Insider, and here's his blog post and photo.

Baratunde & His Kindle In Silicon Alley Insider

What have I been up to on my Kindle?

The first book I finished was by fellow writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. He's written an impressive memoir called "The Beautiful Struggle" which chronicles his life and relationship with his father. I'm actually mentioned in the book since our lives overlapped for a few years in the mid-90s. Ta-Nehisi is an incredibly gifted writer, and he's captured the essence of a period in history with intelligence, grace and humor. I highly recommend it. You can keep up with him at his blog -- required reading for anyone interested in race in America and politics.

After finishing Ta-Nehisi's book, I've moved on to "The Man In The High Castle" by Philip K. Dick.

I also subscribe to a few periodicals including DailyKos, Huffington Post, The Onion, NY Times, Salon, TreeHugger and more.

Greatest Kindle features:

  • Highlighting and clipping pages and sections of books. I marked up Ta-Nehisi's book a lot, and now can go back and refer to those sections easily
  • Built in Wikipedia access. This just changes the game for me. Ta-Nehisi is insanely well-read, and despite our similar upbringings, there were many references I didn't get or had only a vague recollection of. Rather than moving on in ignorance, I could follow up on a topic instantly. This made the book reading experience much deeper and more informative than it might have been.
  • Wireless access to Amazon. It's just great to be able to scan the story, sample and buy a book. Getting content is easy. So easy. The auto-delivery of periodicals and blogs is nice as well. I always have the latest goods on my subway ride.
  • The size. This thing is very small and very lightweight. Lots of people have hated on the design, but I think it's clear that people who love reading books designed this thing. I used to load books on my Palm Pilot then Treo now iPhone, and in all those cases, I felt like I was reading a book on a mobile device. With the Kindle, I just feel like I'm reading a book.

What could use some improvement

  • More books and magazines! Amazon is working on it, but there are many titles I want that are not in the store, especially my peak oil favorites and Vanity Fair.
  • Custom blog delivery. There's a ridiculously small number of blogs (346) you can subscribe to with the Kindle. I'd love to specify an RSS feed and have it converted to a custom, Kindle-ready format. There are just two or three blogs I really want to do this with, but mostly The Oil Drum. That site has become mandatory daily reading for me over the past year.
  • Getting my clips and highlights off the device. I'd like to be able to email, export or otherwise get my book highlights off the device easily. Right now, I can seem them and I guess type them manually into a computer, but we've got a communications path (wireless) between the Kindle and the outside world. If someone knows how to do this, holla!

Facebook Pages Finally Let You Target Your Update Messages!

Dude, we are winning this battle. Facebook is actually giving pages some power! First they gave us Poups by allowing us to merge our groups with our pages and thus avoid the frustrating fragmentation of our audiences. Now they've checked off another major issue on my Pages wish list:

Targeted Updates For Facebook Groups!

Check that out. One thing that made me angry is Facebook constantly saying they care about spam and are nervous about it and trying to stop it (to the point of censoring users), yet forcing Page owners to address every single fan with a message that should be regionally targeted. I like to send out updates about my shows, but that's usually in just one city (sometimes I teletransport). I've been hacking this targeting ability by using events under my Profile (not Page) to invite people in a city to a gig. Now I can target my messages. This is absolutely wonderful. This gives me more of an incentive to drive people to my Page rather than Profile. I still have a challenge in that area, but we're getting closer. Now if they'd just let us format the update messages... Thanks, Facebook. Sincerely.

Facebook Will Merge Your Group And Page To Make Poups!!

In a landmark decision, Facebook now allows normal group owners to have their Facebook Groups merged into their Facebook Pages. I heard about this on Inside Facebook a few weeks ago but wanted to verify that it worked for me. It does! Some of you will remember my very public bitchin about Facebook Groups vs. Pages from back in December. I spoke at the Web Community Forum thanks to an invite from the wonderful Teresa Valdez Klein. It seemed then and up till a few weeks ago that Facebook didn't really know what to do about the discrepancy between group and page functionality. Things got so testy, we actually started a Page to complain about the problems with Groups vs. Pages About a month ago, they started moving sponsored groups over to pages, but when I asked if they'd do it for me, they were all, "No, you're not Apple. Go back to your fragmented and confusing world!" Now they've come around. here's what you do voila! My stats are still broken on the "Ads and Pages" dashboard, but that's less important right now. Check out my Page and become a fan! A GRAND UNIFIED FAN.