This is the second podcast. You can download the mp3 file or better yet, subscribe to my feed with a podcast aggregator like iPodder or, for Mac, a great one is iPodderX.

The first podcast was a limited sort of dry run. Hopefully this one is even more interesting. I created what many people call a "soundseeing tour," but I think that's a stupid name. You don't see sounds; you hear them. You see sights. So, sightseeing and soundhearing. This is a soundhearing tour.

The audio was recorded on Sunday February 20th and is a journal of my experience at a Boston comedian's networking event hosted by Corey Manning and Chris Tabb. You'll hear:

  • My drive down, including commentary on Boston's radio selection

  • Interviews with comics at the event, including the story of a very special Saturday night with Dave Walsh of The Walsh Brothers as well as a special message from one comic to the FCC

  • ... and my own 6 minute showcase performance

I didn't have a lot of time to perfect the audio edits or introduce each segment appropriately, but I still think it's tight.

Field recordings were done on an iRiver IFP-795T with radio shack stereo lapel mic. Audio processing and mixdown courtesy of Soundtrack. MP3 conversion and tagging done by iTunes.

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