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This Thursday, Drinking Liberally turns five years old, and I'd like your help in celebrating.

We have 247 chapters across 47 states, and need just a few more to cover the country. It's a 50-state strategy in line with what many of us in the netroots fight for at the local level: active, informed citizenship.

As a part of Living Liberally, Drinking Liberally seeks to engage citizens in their democracy through social interaction. Not everyone can or wants to liveblog the FISA hearings or get into the intricacies of healthcare mandates. However, through local, on-the-ground infrastructure, the Living Liberally fam is helping reinvigorate progressive commmunities across this country, not just on the coasts, not just in swing states, but everywhere.

Check out this map:

Drinking Liberally Map

I used to co-host the Cambridge chapter, and have seen how the DL infrastructure works. We were able to get Jerome and Markos in for a book reading where some couldn't even make it inside. Glenn Greenwald toured How Would A Patriot Act by tapping the DL network and reaching folks outside the major book chain system. Our mailing lists are massive and growing and local.

Drinking Liberally is about more than social events among progressives. It's a platform for progressive politics embedded in towns across America. We're aiming to reach chapters in all 50 states by our anniversary day. So much so that, if we do indeed reach 50 states by May 29th, then everyone at our 5th anniversary celebration bash in NYC gets a free beer. The round's on the house. Paid for.

If you are a progressive, or know any progressives, in HI, ND, or OK please please PLEASE contact us at with any leads.

Pump up this post, and share it with bloggers in those states. Take this opportunity to find your own Drinking Liberally chapter and meet your neighbors and continue the work of reinvigorating this nation.

Finally, a message from Howard Dean, architect of another 50-state strategy