Just chillin.

For those out of the loop, last night I did a standup show for the cellege democrats of new york state. It was at a midtown nyc club called rush. While performing my mc duties, some asshole stole my bag. Inside: new macbook pro, house and work keys, wallet with all the important stuff a wallet usually has, klean kanteen, probably my digital cam.

It occurred sometime between 950pm and 1018pm. The club has been swept, college dems asked, police report filed. The bad news (besides the obvious) is my lack of rental insurance to cover the loss. I couldn't go home last night (keys) cause wife was out of town

The good news: I crashed with my friend justin krebs who was a real trooper, waiting with me for hours until the police showed and searching the club himself several times. After filing the police report other friends joined, and we had a pretty good time at the club (what else could I do?).

As for losses, my laptop was backed up by time machine a week ago. I still had my cell phone and changed my gmail password immediately. I have an older less reliable (but also less stolen) macbook at home.

Called my bank and froze/ordered new cards. Still have my passport so ID, necessary for my flight to chicago this week, is in order.

What I could have done: left my bag w friends or coat check (which I did not know existed), had a password or encryption on my mac to prevent file access, had some kind of lojack or remote detonator service on the laptop, had renter's insurance. I'm not in a position to pay to replace all that very important stuff right now.

So its bad but could be worse.