See below. Unedited. I've always wanted to adopt a 22 year old. I get
to skip over all that pesky child-rearing and jump straight into
questioning the person's life choices

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Juliet Konte
Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 08:56

 Hello ,

 If possible i will like you to adopt me as your daughter. First I must
solicit your strictest confidence, and I pray that my decision to
contact you will be given genuine approval considering the facts that
we don't known each other before. I wish to use this opportunity
introduce myself to you.

 I am Ms. Juliet Konte 22yrs,a Liberia by nationality. I write you with
my desire to invest in your country.I am the only child of my parents.
My late father Mr.Desmond Konte, was one of the richest Diamond dealer
in my country Liberia.But now i am suffering as my parents was
assassinated ,along the Orange River road,in Kimberley province of
South Africa, on there way back from selling Diamonds.

 When my father was alive,he deposited,$3.7Million United States
Dollars which he deposited with a bank. Meanwhile, i have contacted
the bank,and have also discussed the possible release of the fund,
But the management of the bank told me that my father left a clause
that i must reach the age of 25 or married before i could manage the
fund myself that i have to introduce a trusted foreign partner who
would stand as my trustee to help me invest this fund hence the need
for your assistance.

  I request that you be my trustee and assist me in effecting the
transfer of the fund to your account or an account you will nominate
for investment under your care. If possible i will like you to adopt
me as your daughter.

 Please,if you want to help me provide the below requirements to enable
me present it to the bank for the onward transfer of my fund to your
1.Your Full name 2. Your contact address and phone and fax number.
if you can not help me out of this ugly situation, just let me know in
time so that i will know that you don't have the interest to help an
orphan like me.

With Regards,
Juliet. +221764812531