Geo-location will offer another tool for the forces of Good in the great battle between effective filters and information overload. While social media helps me find value based on trusted sources, geo-location will go a step further by narrowing my choices to what's nearby. For all its ability to build connections, the Internet has in some ways disconnected me from my locale. I'm a "national" or even "global" citizen and I look forward to once again being where I am. The creative opportunities are also fun. I've left a bunch of easter egg "tips" in Foursquare and have a bunch more hijinks planned. Geo-targeted comedy is the future.

Yes, I said "geo-targeted comedy is the future." You heard it here first. This was in an interview with Marshall Kirkpatrick, and it's definitely worth reading the entire post at ReadWriteWeb linked above.

To my Foursquare friends, things are about to get mad interesting.

(Note: I'm only 4sq friends with people I actually know, so try not to be offended if I don't accept you. Location is intimate)