What bothers me (and what makes me miss the objectivity/seeing-both-sides aspect of true journalism) is the inability of blogs like Gizmodo and TechCrunch to even acknowledge that preventing objectification might rank higher on the priority list than the availability of porn iPhone apps.

A very thoughtful assessment of the hubbub over Apple's recent decision to boot "sex" apps from the iTunes App Store. I'm coming across a lot of writing recently that relates to the narrow perspectives present in certain institutions and the effect that has on products released or services offered.

Whether it's the (lack of) presence of women in elected office or Apple's product team, the shortage of non-engineers in Google's decision-making group or the underrepresentation of minorities in media ownership, perspective matters.

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I feel the need to add that I hate Apple as much as I love it. Great and "sexy" products. Shitty, capricious, heavy-handed and downright obscure policies which add uncertainty to the world and deny a better experience to the very customers they claim to offer great experiences. But I've ranted on all that before. Found Chelsey's post the rare different item in the sea of "Apple sucks" posts on this topic. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled Internet programming