Earlier this week (Sunday, to be precise), I was invited to join a panel discussion on race and the census. Hosting the discussion was CNN's Don Lemon, and my fellow guests were journalist and filmmaker Raquel Cepeda as well as Stuff White People Like creator Christian Lander.

Before I went on, I blogged some of my thoughts and research over at Jack and Jill Politics. There's an excellent set of links and video directly from the Census Department that addresses most of the immediate questions about why which questions were asked and how, so check that out.

Cable news is a notoriously wonderful way to reach large amounts of people and a notoriously horrible place to have a length, substantive discussion. So, below I'm posting some videos both of the segment and of extended online video responses from each of the panelists.

The segment as it aired on CNN. Sorry I can't make it bigger. CNN doesn't let you adjust the size of embedded videos.

See the rest below the fold


And here's my extended reaction to what we managed to discuss on air


Here's Christian's response:


And finally, here's Raquel's response: