I love the web/streaming/podcast tech show "This Week In Tech" hosted by Leo Laporte. It was the second podcast I started listening to (after Adam Curry's Daily Source Code), and I still listen every single week. I'm a fan first. A few months back, I was invited on the show, and I nearly lost my shit. I told Leo in an email that, while I was quite excited to have my own TV show on Science Channel, I was more excited to be a guest on TWiT.

I stand by that statement. The show is fun, interesting and informative. Anyone involved in any way in Internet-based tech should tune in regularly.

This past week, I once again did the show from its headquarters at the "TWiT Cottage" in Petaluma, CA. I was on with Brian Brushwood and Veronica Belmont, and it was hands down my favorite media appearance. Sometimes TWiT can get too unruly with crosstalk. Sometimes the show lingers too long on a single topic. Sometimes the guests just don't click that well.

This was not one of those times. Brian and I had an amazingly fun, respectful exchange about the politics of net neutrality and politics in general (he's libertarian; i'm liberal (aka "socialist" nowadays)). Veronica kept us grounded and had some great insight and deadly wit. Leo was consummate Leo. 

Check it out for yourselves via this youtube link. You can get the audio podcast and more at TWIT.tv.