Last Thursday evening, i was invited to a promotional Motorola event in NYC. They were unveiling the Motoblur set of Android phones and had gathered a bunch of twitterific geeks to showcase (and hand out) the new devices. Hip hop group Freestyle Love Supreme was the entertainment, and they were really, really good.

I was already impressed with them going through each member of the party's tweets live and integrating it into a pretty coherent rhyme, when they stepped it up. After asking for a recommendation for a celebrity, Rachel Sklar said "Justin Bieber."

We all looked at her like she was crazy, and folks starting yelling out other names. Then someone yelled, "Baratunde!" So the group decided to do a rhyme about me. They'd also asked for a city, and New Orleans won, so the second half is about NOLA.

They pulled up this website where the most recent post was me celebrating the massacre of all my Facebook friends, and they also managed to integrate references to my stunt at the 14th Street Apple Store on iPad Day as well as the book I'm working on called "How To Be Black."

If I ever had a TV commercial, I would make it be this.

Oh, and I have a Motorola Backflip phone, I'll be giving away, probably to a member of my email list. Not sure what will qualify folks, but join up to find out!