I do a lot of talking in my work, and it's a privilege to get to mouth off for a living. I don't always post the video from these events because it's sometimes repetitive and I think yall might get sick of me posting a bunch of look-at-me content. However, speaking at the 2012 Chicago Ideas Week event was a special occasion.

First, I got to share the stage during a time block devoted to Identity. My fellow speakers were Hanna Rosin, LZ Granderson, James Fallows, Brook Magnanti, and Eric Daigh. They were all amazing and smart and interesting. I'm not just saying that. 

Second, I got to perform in the Goodman Theatre. It's one of the most beautiful rooms I've ever worked, and from a strictly performance standpoint, I was thrilled to be there. 

Last, here are my words, recorded and replayable through this magic technological advancement known as embedded video.

CIW: Identity: Baratunde Thurston from Chicago Ideas Week on Vimeo.