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I met Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete Campbell of Mad Men) in Minneapolis

Me with Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete Campbell of Mad Men)

It was at Clubhouse Jäger in Mpls just after the MIMA Summit. Here's a writeup. I'm the unnamed "Onion exec."

It was strange. I saw the dude throwing darts and vaguely thought he looked familiar, but it was a faint feeling. Later, Erin Rauk (MIMA Summit organizer) asked me, "Do you know who this is?" I was like, "No. Your cousin?" 

At that moment, Vincent breaks out into a perfect Pete Campbell voice and goes on about his father and the Dyckmans, and I yelled, "Oh snap, it's Pete Campbell! You were in my bed last night!"

I had just finished Season 2 of Mad Men on my iPad the night before in my hotel bed. That's all people. Anyway, Vincent was great, and the entire encounter was swell.

On to season 3.


There's something incredibly cool about the contrast between the foreground and background of this photo

Webby bouquet

Webby bouquet, originally uploaded by baratunde.

- Baratunde Thurston