Me with Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete Campbell of Mad Men)

It was at Clubhouse Jäger in Mpls just after the MIMA Summit. Here's a writeup. I'm the unnamed "Onion exec."

It was strange. I saw the dude throwing darts and vaguely thought he looked familiar, but it was a faint feeling. Later, Erin Rauk (MIMA Summit organizer) asked me, "Do you know who this is?" I was like, "No. Your cousin?" 

At that moment, Vincent breaks out into a perfect Pete Campbell voice and goes on about his father and the Dyckmans, and I yelled, "Oh snap, it's Pete Campbell! You were in my bed last night!"

I had just finished Season 2 of Mad Men on my iPad the night before in my hotel bed. That's all people. Anyway, Vincent was great, and the entire encounter was swell.

On to season 3.