In answer to the Day 2 Question “How ____ Are You?”

My son and Blackness.

Today on the way home from school I had Fresh Air on as usual.  I have two children and the oldest is 8 years old.  Race to them is something very different than when we were growing up. For my children don’t remember a time before President Obama and never will.  They will never remember a time before a black president.  And this brings euphoria to my veins.  During your interview the title to your new book would be announced. After hearing the title he asked me why a person would need to learn how to be black. “That’s just the color you’re born with like me and Lola.  I’m more chocolate and Lola is snow.”  I am Mexican American and my husband is English and our son was born in England.  My daughter was born here in the states four years later.  We don’t really talk about race and ethnicity but they are aware of their Mexicaness and Englandness for lack of better words.  I myself grew up always being a referred to as a twinkie because I grew up on the right side of the tracks and don’t look like a Mexican per se.  Both my parents were educated and most people didn’t believe me when I would inform them that my mother was a full blown Mexican.  ”She so white looking” was the answer usually uttered.  Anyway,  you get the picture.  So when my son asks me why someone would have to learn how to be black I gave him the best answer I could think of which was “I don’t know.  Maybe we should buy the book and find out?”